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John Adams challenged Great Britain's authority in colonial America

John Adams challenged Great Britain's authority in colonial America He oppressed British imposition of high taxes and tariffs He no longer believed that the government in England had the colonists best interests in mind He spoke out against the Townshend Act In 1778 Adams was sent to Paris to make sure the aid for the colonists were good He returned to America and worked as a framer of the Massachusetts Constitution In 1783 John and John Jay and Benjamin Franklin helped with the Treaty of Paris which officially ended the problems between America and Britain In 1770 Adams agreed to defend the British soldiers on trial for killing five people and it became known as the Boston Massacre He believed that every person deserves a defense and he took the case without hesitation Adams provided evidence that showed that they were guilty and evidence with the mob that had gathered and that the first soldier who fired upon the crowd was simply responding the way The jury freed six of the eight soldiers while two were convicted of manslaughter Reaction to Adams defense of the soldiers was hostile His actions later showed his reputation as a courageous generous and fair man That same year Adams was elected to the Massachusetts Assembly and was one of five to represent the colony at the First Continental Congress in 1774 When the Congress started the Continental Army in 1775 Adams nominated George Washington of Virginia as its commander in chief In May 1776 Congress approved Adams s resolution proposing that the colonies each adopt independent governments He wrote a document which was approved on May 15 setting the stage for the formal passage of the Declaration of Independence On June 7 1776 Adams seconded Richard Henry Lee's resolution of independence and backed it passionately until it was adopted by Congress on July 2 1776 Congress told Adams ahead of time along with Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Franklin Robert R Livingston and Roger Sherman to draft the declaration Jefferson would write the first draft which was approved on July 4

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