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Study to Determine Impacts of Shifting Climates on Organisms

Chapter Two The Review of the Related Literature Monarch butterfly populations have been a topic of study to determine impacts of shifting climates on organisms As populations decline this indicator species reveals factors that cause their life cycle to be disrupted The Monarch butterfly Danaus plexippus is of particular concern as it completes the longest insect migration in the world Howard E Davis A 2008 This migration along with the Monarch butterflies complete dependence on milkweed plants such as Asclepias humistrata to lay eggs on and for their young to feed on as they grow Butterflies are proof of functioning and sustainable environments so this rapid decline in their population are the beginning signs of distress in various areas Changing climates disrupt the growing pattern for these milkweed plants which prevents the butterflies from being able to lay their eggs upon arriving back from their migration Population dynamic studies are used to determine the composition of species which are used to analyze the makeup of various populations as they change These are also done in conjunction with phylogeny studies which are studies of the relations of groups or organisms This study is based on a 10 year phylogeny study that spans 12 different at risk species of butterflies This study aims to review the impact of changing climates on the Monarch butterfly as they migrate

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