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Football Head Safety Specific Purpose

Vicis Zero1 Football Helmet Topic Football Head Safety Specific Purpose To inform my audience about how a new helmet is out to help protect players Thesis Statement More and more people are coming forward with mental disabilities and problems due to ineffective helmets this new helmet will help lower those numbers Introduction Out of 111 brains donated to science from deceased NFL players 110 were affected by CTE which is Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Mez 2017 The study of players is quite accurate and over all different levels over 85 percent of players had some stage of CTE Mckee 2017 This could affect football players at all ages Goldman 2017 This helmet could save players from all levels from developing mental disabilities I will tell you about how this new helmet could lower injury and death rates and why we need it to The Vicis Zero One is the new helmet on the block and it is far more advanced than any other current helmet Transition I am up here today to share new knowledge I gained from considerable research I recently did I plan to enlighten you about the new helmet created by Vicis to help football players stay safe while playing Body There are three people behind the start up company from Seattle that were behind the Vicis Zero One Sam Browd is a neurosurgeon from Seattle that had the idea after seeing a lot of great teen athletes have to stop playing because of CTE Garcia 2017 Sam Browd was the specialist of pediatric concussions at Seattle s was tired of having to tell kids that loved to play sports that they had to hang up their cleats and stop playing for good He was also the head of Seattle s sports concussion program which gave him the idea to do something about the problem III

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