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Massage is an evidenced-based practice

Introduction The aim of this literature review is to see if massage is a evidenced based practise this will be focused on the literature relating to massage and the effect on lower back pain Any pain or discomfort in the back from the lower ribs to the inferior gluteal fold is classed as lower back pain kumar et al 2013 Massage is a manual manipulation of soft tissues to enhance a person's health and wellbeing there are many different types of massage all use different techniques to help clients injuries or allow clients to relax and sleep better northwestern health science university 2017 In my review there is a range of systematic reviews and books these sources of information have provided me with a large range of literature in the report Massage is becoming a regular way for people to treat lower back pain and some people have become dependant on massage to help treat their back pain Because of this researchers are increasingly comparing and assessing massage to other practises we currently know for back pain Evidenced for massage is information on massage practise that researchers and therapists have collected in a systematic manner Sackett et al 2000 A literature review is a account of what has been published by accredited researchers and the aim is to identify the strengths weaknesses and gaps in the literature of a given topic Mark Chen's powerpoint classwork Main body The first journal I will be looking at is lower back pain and sleep disturbance are reduced falling back pain Field at al 2013 carried out a test which would compare relaxation therapy against massage therapy the effects of each therapy would be compared against reduction of the clients pain anxiety sleep disturbance and depression 

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The Population of Homeless People are Suffering and They Need our Help

The population of homeless people are suffering and they need our help At least everyday approximately 800 000 people are homeless Most homeless people have some form of a disability or condition severely limiting them Majority of homeless people don't have any source of income And people that don't have money or a house or an income may be related to drug use Because they have nothing else to do and they may be still addicted to whatever they were using Homelessness is bad in America but not as bad in the Philippines which there are 1 200 000 homeless kids reported every year The term Homelessness means a person without a home and therefore typically living on the streets In the early 1970 s the rate of homelessness went down but in the 2000 s it had doubled in number from 10 000 to 20 000 People that have the availability to a grocery store is very small population This helps illustrate just how far some families live from the convenience of fresh food availability

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