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The introduction of 3D mammography

The introduction of 3D mammography was an exciting advancement for breast imagers radiologists and patients alike Since FDA approval in 2011 the technology has proven itself time and time again In the midst of evolving CPT codes breast imagers are constantly required to adapt to the ever changing payer and workflow challenges The apprehension over whether or not an issuer will pay for mammography services is felt throughout an entire practice Education while challenging is key to understanding documentation billing and compliance requirements to thwart repeated claim denials Without proper support staff to train and educate physicians may not be reimbursed for the level of service they provided In years past physicians relied heavily on their billing staff or managers to take care of claim submission and many times there was a definite division of responsibility Physician technologists are trained to think clinically whereas secretarial and front staff are most often trained for administrative tasks But in recent years understanding billing coding and compliance has become the responsibility of the entire staff secretarial technical physician and billing Documenting patient reports records to include all required elements for specific CPT codes is essential Now more than ever it s become increasingly important for physicians to partner with their entire staff to ensure they are being reimbursed appropriately for their services Medicare publishes yearly CPT updates with the Final Rule Determination typically released in November with anticipated changes effective for January 1 However it s not uncommon for the announcement to include a notice that the expected proposed changes have been delayed For example with the addition of 3D mammography 

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Cellular Division is an important Part of the Biology

Cellular division is an important part of the biology behind any human being However the body has two different ways of approaching cellular division mitosis and meiosis Mitosis and meiosis are similar processes because they both result in the separation of existing cells and become new ones They are different in their specific processes as well as in their products To comprehensively compare and contrast these processes one must have a thorough foundational understanding of the processes Mitosis is the only form of cellular reproduction in single cell organisms Mitosis is when the chromosomes start to divide to create copies of new cells Essentially DNA in a cell is duplicated and equally divided between two cells diploid The cells go through a process called the cell cycle which is initiated by the presence of growth factors in Interphase Following Interphase the stage where the cell spends the most time there are four additional stages that the chromosomes go through prophase metaphase anaphase and telophase Johnson 2012 Prophase is when the chromosomes coil up and become visible

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