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On January 2018 Facebook has reached 2 07 billion monthly active users

On January 2018 Facebook has reached 2 07 billion monthly active users which is a 16 percent increase year over year Noyes Facebook is a popular website There are many things said about Facebook whether if it has a good or bad impact on people s life When discussing this topic one could list out thousands of reasons to or not to use Facebook depended on his or her point of view My Claim However in my experience I claim that using this social media will you gain a lot of benefits in the online community and in real life as long as one can balance the daily life and using Facebook Importance As living in the 21st century it is likely implausible to keep up the busy pace of our daily life without social media especially Facebook Since information is flooded in all places our work life and even in our relationship with friends With Facebook it allows you to connect to everyone in order to keep track the information flow between you and them This information can be what you know about this one friend that makes him or her unique from the others and also can be the memories pictures life events that both of you shared in the past time Now I will discuss the three reasons why we should use Facebook Reason 1 The most important design of Facebook is keeping you in touch and interact with your existing network of friends and associates Boiko Details With this design Mark Zuckerberg has made Facebook stands out from other social networks and becomes the topmost developed social media in the world We can easily search and keep track of our friends through their digital activities and their interests 

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