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Executive Summary Steph's Sweet Treats is an independently owned and ran business by Steph Halvorson located in Dodgeville WI and opened in 2016 She specializes in gourmet cupcakes for everything from the everyday sweet tooth to weddings She takes orders by by order basis She also has one day a month where she is open to public which allows customers to come in and buy cupcakes right away The main competition to her is right down the road at Quality Bakery The main consumers are parents and couples looking to get married SWOT Analysis Strengths wide variety of type of sweet great tasting hundreds of possible designs for cakes cupcakes gluten free option Weaknesses kind of expensive only one store open only 1 day of the month not great advertisement Opportunities Have more open days create another store in a different town appear in more advertisements Threats competition from other bakeries in Dodgeville rise in prices of ingredients needed change in taste of customers Target Market Steph's Sweet Treats targets two main groups of customers One if them is parents of all kinds assuming they will buy them for their kids in many situations Weather it be for birthday parties as a treat for their kids or other events 

The second main target group is couples who are about to have weddings By baking for weddings it does two things First it brings in a lot of profit because a lot of cupcakes are being made Secondly it gets her name out there to everyone who attends the wedding so it is basically a free form of advertisement Of course Steph also targets the basic everyday cupcake consumer too Geographic s The immediate geographic target is the city of Dodgeville Wisconsin with a population of 4 686 A 15 mile radius is in need of ICF s services The total targeted population is estimated at 64 500 Demographics Male and female Ages 21 65 This age range draws off a combination of the targeted customers Steph's Sweet Treats customers can be divided into two general groups that are differentiated by couples with kids and couples who are not yet married income that allows for extra things like cupcakes and sweets Value and support hometown businesses Enjoy consuming sweets Behavior Factors Don t mind spending the extra dollar on better quality Patient for product to come Marketing Objectives Get the Steph Sweet Treats name more towns states Increase number of return customers by 25 Sell sweets to bigger stores for them to sell Marketing Mix Steph's Sweet Treats marketing mix is comprised of the following approaches to Price Place Product and Promotion Price In order for Steph to make quality cupcakes she uses the best ingredients which raises the prices of the sweets Even though the price is a little higher than the normal bakery cupcake the taste sure does make up for it By making it test better this also does a lot for the business It creates return customers as well as increases people's chances of spreading good word about the business which then brings in more customers 

Place Dodgeville WI might not seem like the best place to own a bakery due to the existence of the Quality Bakery but it actually brings a lot of advantages Some of these advantages is all of the events that take place in the town This allows for appearances that steph can which sell her cupcakes and or advertise Product The variety of options and quality at Steph's Sweet Treats is what sets her apart from other bakeries in the area It is very unique and not like many other bakeries With hundreds of flavors in cakes cupcakes and endless amounts of designs for every occasion is why Steph's Sweet Treats products are a great option no matter the situation Promotion A huge portion of advertising and promotion comes from facebook She commonly posts her finished products on the page which attracts a lot of attention Also her daily car is decorated with logos and contact information which is another source Good feedback from customers to their friends family is also very helpful Marketing Research Before Steph's Sweet Treats was open a poll was created a poll for locals to fill out about the idea of a specialized bakery coming to town She sent it to random friends that lived in dodgeville on facebook and the results came back very positive Over 75 of the the replies were yes This was a big part of why she decided on opening the business An additional source of market research was the free sample day Early in the stages of opening the business she had a free day at harris park during the relay for live event She did this to get a taste no pun intended of how many people were interested in sweet treats in the area Cite facts from Market Research process HERE Marketing Strategy Over 75 of the the replies were yes on the polls and over 300 people tasted cupcakes These was a big part of why she decided on opening the business Summary Steph's Sweet Treats marketing strategy will be focused on getting people into the store The hardest part is doing so With that the main focus will be on advertising to get those so called customers inside If that can happen nothing but great things will happen because we are sure that the customers will love the quality and taste of the products In order to increase the amount of customers inside they should continue to add more advertisement and get involved in community events to get the name out there The possibility of adding more stores making the one much larger and more popular is very near

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