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Lymph Node Sarcomas are very Uncommon Tumours

INTRODUCTION Lymph node sarcomas are very uncommon tumours arising either from Interdigitating dendritic cells present in the paracortical region or from Follicular dendritic cells present in follicles and rarely from fibroblastic reticular cells ensheathing post capillary venules in lymphnodes Interdigitating dendritic cells arise from hematopoietic stem cell expressing high levels of MHC II and are strongly S100 positive Follicular dendritic cells arise from mesenchymal stem cells and are present in the follicles in the lymph node They present antigen to B lymphocytes and are positive for CD 21 CD23 and CD35 but negative for CD45 Fibroblastic reticular cells are also mesenchymal in origin and are involved in transport of cytokines and other mediators 3 Only nineteen cases have been reported till now thus the case is being reported because of its rarity Case Report 37 year old female presented with mass in left axilla in the Surgery OPD of a tertiary care center Breast examination did not show any lump On ultrasonomammography both breasts were normal Multiple enlarged hypoechoic lymph nodes measuring 40X20mm in left axillary region were present FNAC from outside reported the presence of atypical suspicious cells So excision biopsy for the same was done for histopathological evaluation Grossly a nodular grey white and firm tissue piece measuring 4 X 2 cm in size was received and tissue sections were processed Histopathological examination showed round to oval cells with vesicular nuclei having prominent nucleoli along with mature lymphocytes interspersed amongst which were seen elongated tumour cells with moderate amount of eosinophilic cytoplasm forming fascicles and sheets Histopathologically a diagnosis of Lymphoproliferative disorder Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma was made and IHC was advised Immunohistochemistry was done first using CD45 leukocyte common antigen which showed positive staining for lymphocytes only whereas the other population of cells were negative After this the B cell markers CD20 andPAX5 were used to rule out B cell lymphomas along with the T cell markers CD2 CD3 CD4 and CD8 to rule out Tcell lymphomas

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Innovation and Creativity

Throughout the world innovation and creativity will bring you success However innovation and creativity cannot be produced by oneself Innovation is the byproduct of competition When a company's success is threatened by another company they innovate to create new ways of success trying to reach their goal before the other company Creativity can be found within yourself but creativity can also be produced When you think with someone else's mind you can see new ways of completing or reaching a goal Collaboration and competition between different personalities and researchers push forward the production of a result and can create close bonds and friendships James D Watson the narrator and author of The Double Helix recounts stories of how collaboration competition creativity and innovation helped him his colleagues Crick Wilkins and Franklin reach the discovery of DNA Watson the narrator of the story is a young and brilliant scientist with an honest humorous and pragmatic personality Despite his many strengths he still has his own flaws He was youthful easily distracted and spent too much time taking breaks for tennis and coffee and thinking about ladies However his youthfulness and carefree personality was also a strength He excelled at social interactions easily making friends and having many people like him But when he had a task at hand he focused hard and pushed through to great success He experienced many failures but he was not disheartened Watson was never afraid of asking for help as he constantly went to his colleagues to ask for advice or for help on his latest discovery

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