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I chose from the museum was a Greek helmet from 540 BCE

The object that I chose from the museum was a Greek helmet from 540 BCE 1 It s made from a single sheet of bronze and covers most of the head with a small plate that goes down the bridge of the nose 1 There are designs present on the brow and cheeks of the helmet The helmet itself is narrow and covers the entire head It is small in size so much so that one might wonder how it actually managed to fit over people's heads It seems that the helmet is smooth in construction besides the grooves in the brows of the helmet The helmet appears to cover the ears of the wearer 1 The description of the item says that a crest would have been attached to small holes within the helmet itself to afford to wearer additional protection 1 The bottom of the helmet also seems to extend to the wearers neck Most likely this helmet is made for military uses It is obvious that this was made during the bronze age when bronze was prevalent in all aspects of society but also was used to make weapons and armor 2 This armor tells us that the Greeks had some sort of a military and that the military was advanced enough to wear protection for its soldiers 3 This civilization must have had a reason to wear these helmets in their military and must have fought in wars 3 The craftsmanship is indicative of highly skilled bronze workers 2 The fact that the helmet is a single piece of bronze means that the workers put extreme care into the manufacture of each helmet carefully crafting the protective features of the helmet and carving out the symbols on the helmet 2 This can tell us that this civilization highly respected the work of the bronze workers since they are important to the military for making these armors and weapons and these armors must be fashioned with precision and care

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Separation of most blood cells is Difficult

Separation of most blood cells is difficult if not impossible to achieve because they have similar properties and or densities What procedure is used to separate T cells of the immune system from the many other different types of white blood cells or spleen cells What feature of the T cell facilitates the isolation protocol Describe how this procedure is performed T cells carry proteins CD3 and Thy 1 2 on their surface When antibodies that are linked to fluorescent dye and specific for these proteins are incubated with a mix of cells only the T cells will illuminate because they express the specific proteins and are recognized by the antibodies that carry dye A fluorescence activated cell sorter which is based on flow cytometry can separate cells that emit different levels of fluorescence 

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