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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE I wish to introduce myself as an intended student aspiring to pursue masters of engineering in automotive engineering for the year 2018 at your university I always believed that curiosity of man has been the key stone of world s advancement Inventions are made from the need of mankind inventions produce unique pathways to the evolving technology I trust that engineers alone have the ability to perceive the importance of sustainable technology for the future generations I was consistently excited in gaining knowledge of the subject and to involve the new transformations in automobile industries For this I wish to take step ahead and pursue my graduate studies in your esteemed university During and after the course which would surely contribute in widening my current knowledge on automotive territory During budding stages of my education my parents acted as driving force behind my acts and they always gave me the best My school also gave me ample opportunities to work in my interests My teachers guided me to participate in the science fairs at Inter School Level During my twelfth grade 

I have chosen Mathematics Physics and Chemistry as my majors It is the same time at which I developed keen interest in the field of mechanical engineering due to personal and as well as with the encouragement given by the lecturers From that instance I consistently wondered how cars are designed and manufactured I am always excited to analyze and understand the working of automobiles I dreamed that one day I can be art of the exciting process of car evolutions and also fabricating them After completing my twelfth grade I felt that mechanical engineering is the only way I can satisfy my quest for knowledge on automobiles Admissions in undergraduate courses in engineering is taken up through a test which requires strong academic background with good analytical skills as well my performance in the test provided me the opportunity to choose the course of mechanical engineering I had the thirst of knowledge in me and my course work gave good exposure in diverse fields like Machine Tool engineering Machine Theory Strength of Materials Thermodynamics Advanced Manufacturing Techniques Internal Combustion Engines Engineering Materials and Operational Management My college also offers Specialization courses on many aspects in which I choose Automobile Engineering upon my interest These subjects benefited me to acquire good command over the fundamentals in Vehicle Chassis Design Vehicle Dynamics and also Engine Performance My college is one of the best institutions for Mechanical Engineering which has the best faculty and infrastructure It is located in the industrial belt This helped me to link up the knowledge I perceived with reality I visited several industries like Coca Cola factory Kumar Pumps and Motors Visaka Industries Limited I was an intern for one month at South Central Railway Mechanical Department workshop In benefaction to my work for the effective representation of my thoughts I pioneered several software packages like Solid Works Creo Pro E Ansys AutoCAD I took part in several Automobile seminars With fast depletion of resources and high pollution of carbon compounds tapping to be eliminated from the atmosphere is the order of the day To this effect I approached my professor to embark on a minor project titled Elimination of Carbon Emissions Using Perovskite We had a batch of three members who worked really hard at the end of the project was great success 

All the professors including the Head of the Department also our project guide congratulated us for our work I can never forget that day A good research career can only be built on the firm foundation of a good education with research as my long term goal in mind my immediate objective Is to work towards Masters in Automotive Engineering I have gone through the University website very carefully and I have realized that the excellent facilities high standards of your faculty of your university will provide a perfect environment for me to focus all my mental resources The university catalogue the department brochure and the website immensely indicate that the laboratories and the research groups at your university would make it an ideal place for me to achieve my goals I am confident that your eminent faculty and the active faculty industrial relationship will bring out the best in me In conclusion I feel that graduate study at your university will be the most logical extension of my academic pursuits and a major step towards achieving my career objectives I think that I have the ability to work well both as a part of team and individually I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with your university I tender my application for graduate study to your university and hope to receive admission with full financial aid

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