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American culture after World War Noir french Film

The representation of woman in film noir and the notions of sexuality gender roles and the structure of the family that were characteristic of the American culture after World War Noir french film noir is a cinematic term applied to the Hollywood crime dramas of the 1940s and 1950s which capture the atmosphere of pessimism mistrust frustration and cynicism typical of American society during World War II war and the first years of the Cold War The term black film or film noir was first used in 1946 by the French critic Nino Frank to designate a style that gained popularity in American cinema in the mid 1940s It is characterized by a criminal plot a dark atmosphere of cynical fatalism and pessimism blurring the line between hero and antihero relative realism of action and dark lighting of scenes usually night scenes Women usually act as false characters that cannot be trusted on the other hand they motivate the main male characters or they are represented as a perfect wife which is silent and submissive Femme fatal The image of a fatal woman or femme fatale a seductress whose charms are dangerous for a man paralyzes his will and allows a woman to use it for her own purposes this is one of the archetypes of world culture and mythology Eva and Lilith Salome and Cleopatra sirens and succubus they can all be called fatal

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