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Traditional Chinese New Year dates back to many Centuries

Traditional Chinese New Year dates back to many centuries involving a rich cultural practice that emphasizes its purpose for the upcoming new year Each new year is represented by a different animal It is believed that each animal predicts what is to be expected in the new year and the characteristics of each individual born within the year There is a relationship between Chinese New Year and animal symbolism and they are correlated to one another There are several complex details when it comes to the Chinese New Year and animal symbolism Although there is no clear date when the Chinese New Year began many believe it started during the Shang Dynasty which took place from 1766 B C to 1122 B C This theory came about when oracle bones were found with astronomical records engraved in them However others believe the annual festival began earlier than the Shang Dynasty around 2300 B C where Emperor Yao and Emperor Shun were in power The Chinese calendar has specific guidelines and was created according to lunar phases solar solstices and equinoxes The Chinese people celebrate the New Year in a 15 day period known as the Spring Festival The Spring Festival begins on the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice Due to this specific parameter the Spring Festival is estimated to begin around from January 21 to February 19 

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