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In David Mitchell's movie It Follows the main Jay Height Struggles

In David Mitchell's movie It Follows the main Jay Height struggles to cope with a supernatural entity This entity is called It and takes the shape of anyone Although there are numerous scenes where Jay encounters It the old maid scene builds suspense and confuses expectations from the audience Particular setting distinct music and special camera angles support the creation of this singular scene Jaime Jay Height is a typical teenage girl in college The movie does not give much background information about Jay leaving it to the audience to construct their own idea of her This is a horror mystery and thriller movie all in one the audience ranges anywhere from teenagers to adults because there is a variety of characters in the film The beginning of this specific scene takes place in a college classroom 

The camera moves slowly from the front of the classroom pass the large windows and stops at Jay s desk The atmosphere is calm and fairly quiet Outside the sky is gray with some light making it gloomy This occurrence foreshadows an eerie moment that will soon come up There is no other sound other than the professor speaking Noticeably in the background the audience can hear the professor giving a lecture on what seems to be a topic which relates to one of the movie s themes death You watch a horror film and you're likely to see a scene where a teacher talks about death or fate he says 

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