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How marketing organizations can effectively meet the Challenges

Marketing Article Assignment The article discusses how marketing organizations can effectively meet the challenges of the digital age Marketing organizations face great challenges in determining the strategy that best suits their organizational goals mainly because management is stuck with the question of how they should create a new structure instead of going the other way around namely that strategy precedes structure Their research across 10 000 marketing executives globally reveals that marketing is a very fluid function and virtually taps every other function and all employees in the organization right from a store clerk to phone center representatives to IT specialists and the marketing team itself High performing organizations possess some winning characteristics such as i integrating data on what customers do and why ii positioning their brand purposefully for its functional emotion and societal benefit iii delivering good customer experience both in breadth and depth These traits distinguish high from low performing firms The authors identify five drivers of organizational effectiveness such as creating interdependent global regional and local marketing team that have a shared purpose and goals indicating that marketing goals are aligned with company goals inspiring everyone from the lowest to the highest levels to engage with the brand experience the company creates so essentially everyone becomes a de facto member of the marketing team focusing on the right metrics and measuring brand success against key performance indicators 

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