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English language education

During the isolationist years of the Cultural Revolution lingual educators and their institutions were accused of being all things bad feudal bourgeois revisionist hothouses for cultivating revisionist sprouts and intellectual aristocrats and English simply ceased to be taught Shortly after the Cultural Revolution 1966 1976 a political movement of ideological extremism started by Mao Tse tung came to an end with his death in 1976 Adamson Morris 1997 During that time there was a saying Without learning ABC we can still make revolution After the Culture Revolution English was restored but just the name What the students learnt were only quotations from Mao Tse tung and some other materials serving political ends The motivation and interest of the teachers and students for English learning and teaching almost dropped to zero In April 1978 Deng Xiaoping addressed the National Education Conference of the CCP arguing the whole nation to raise the quality of Education especially the level of teaching and learning of Science and culture in order to better serve the socialist construction of our country Then foreign language teaching has been restored to a normal track 

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