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Talk Climate Change How it's affecting our environment and how the media views it How do you feel about climate change and is the planet getting warmer Climate change is real but still after what's happening in the weather and how Antarctica is melting the media and public still do not take it seriously As if the information scientist give is biased the Republicans of the united states say that climate change is caused by humans But that is wrong it is not caused by us it is caused by what we are doing The planet is getting warmer by 2 degrees it may seem like a lot but if you see records and compare temperatures from now to 1980 but 2 degrees is actually high What do you know about chemtrails do you think they re safe for the environment Chemtrails are very dangerous the government is releasing it into the air and they are spraying aluminum and other compounds in the air Now chemtrails are a geoengineering program were airplanes fly at high altitudes and spray chemicals into the atmosphere including aluminum barium and strontium Those metals fall to the ground they land to our bodies in our soil trees food and water This is all documented you just need to know where to look because this is something news outlets do not talk about Recently President Trump signed an executive order for the nation to stop chemtrailing but it was all biased jets are still releasing elements in the air that are hurting the people 

There's also a vice versa on chemtrails and contrails but they are very different How do you feel about Republicans saying that climate change is caused by the people and President Trump saying it's all just a hoax Republicans shouldn't speak on a topic they didn't go to school for President Trump is incorrect how can a person we trust as our leader say biased information regarding a topic that is very serious Antarctica is melting and sources are saying that they re viruses that were frozen throughout time and now they are being released can you tell me what you know about this It is true that Antarctica is melting but we should be concerned about a sea that is called the Laptev sea Under the sea there's a lot of methane that is just there frozen now sources are saying that if that get released into the world that it will kill everyone As for that man that came back from Antarctica and died due to unknown causes i will not make a comment on that How much trouble are we in We are in so much trouble that it has gotten to the point where in Antarctica the ice is melting at a rapid pace polar bears are dying Due to the fact that climate change is making seals go away seals are the source of food that polar bears aim for

We cannot help polar bears if we wanted to there's a law that say feeding polar bears is illegal So slowly they re becoming extinct The carbon emission levels are so high that it is causing the land ice to melt abnormal weather Its very bad over the next couple of years we will see temperatures rise and cities will start to go underwater because they re so close to the water not to mention the millions of people that live in the area that will sink How much will sea levels rise It really is how it is melting its more of a when will it happen Sea levels are rising dramatically the last time we have checked was 160 feet What will happen if the sea level rises If the sea level rises which it is actually happening now cities will start to sink There has to be a specific amount of ice that has to be melted in order for bug country s cities to sink like e g Shanghai China Tokyo Japan etc What are carbon emissions The greenhouse gases being released by human activity are often called carbon emissions just for shorthand That is because the two most important of the gases carbon dioxide and methane contain carbon While fossil fuel emissions are the major issue another major creator of emissions is the destruction of forests why are forest a contributor in this Well trees have carbon dioxide in them so when forest burn down all of that carbon dioxide goes to the sky and gets mixed around with our oxygen

What can we do to lower carbon emissions We can start by lowering the time we spend in the shower since when we use hot water that is actually releasing carbon dioxide Another way we can contribute to reducing carbon emission rates is recycling and cut about 1000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions a year Switching from a regular car to a hybrid vehicle can help our environment out since regular vehicle release lots of carbon emissions every day What are climate change and global warming and how are they related Global warming refers to an increase in average global temperatures which in turn causes climate change Climate change refers to changes in seasonal temperature precipitation wind and humidity for a given area Climate change can involve cooling or warming Which countries contribute the most to global warming Wealthier industrial countries contribute the most to global warming since they use most of the world's fossil fuels Europe Japan and North America with roughly 15 percent of the world's current population are estimated to account for two thirds of the carbon dioxide now in the atmosphere 

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