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Target US and China vine consumers and potential vine consumers 1 The target in China Target 18 24 vine consumers or potential consumers lower income 25 45 vine consumers or potential consumers middle to high income The characteristic of the Chinese target Based on the research done by the marketing investigation and consulting company for global vine industry Wine Intelligence in 2015 following is the segmentation of the current Chinese vine consumers Its segmentation is based on the consuming activity and their opinion of vine Consumer type Characteristics Proportion Frugal occasional Drink vine in special occasion such as spring festival Price is the most important factor when buying vine 15 Adventurous connoisseurs High consuming high frequency of drinking vine Be confident of their knowledge of vine and be willing to drink vine from different location from different types of grapes and brand 7 Health sippers Be sensitive to the price Limited knowledge of vine Drink vine occasionally because of considering the benefit of vine to the body 16 Prestige seeking traditionalists Conservative consumers which expending much money on vine They like especially French vine Choose imported high quality vine to show their prestige and social status 19 Social newbies Young consumers Just contact and understand the vine Regard the vine as interesting drinks suitable in social contact occasion 23 Developing drinkers Cultivating the vine drinking habit because of liking the taste of the vine 

Their interest to the vine is growing deeper and regard the vine as an important part of their life Around 30 years old white collar at least with the college degree Begin to drink the vine because of business occasions bring the vine drinking habit to their life and work 19 How the targets can be reached They can be reached through the following channels Traditional offline media such as the TV newspaper magazine Such as υ Newspapers and magazines for business person υ Lifestyle and fashion magazine Online media such as website social media such as WeChat etc Ear to mouth Introduced by friends or families Distributor networks Such as the supermarket which is also the major place where consumers buy vine exclusive shops and online stores Based on the socio demographic segmentation of the targets Male and female are of the same interest in vine The most frequently vine consumers are 35 44 high income high vine buying frequency prefer buying the vine suggested by friends and families The less frequent but still frequent consumers are 35 44 middle level income relatively lower buying frequency prefer information from conventional channel The consumer the most less frequent consume are 18 24 lower income prefer information from social media trade show or wine tasting events So the most efficient channel to reach the consumer are still mainly traditional newspaper and magazine and ear to mouth But new media as social media is also need to be used to attract the younger consumer who is the future major consuming power of the vine Who are the most listened to opinion leaders among those targets Celebrities of good prestige and of a good public figure of cultured and educated Experts of the vine 

What kind of events do they attend For business person business dinner and business travel For other kinds of targets family or friend dine together travel 2 The target in US Targets Generation Y Generation X Baby Boomers mainly female The major character of the US consumers Generation Y are more interested with how the vine are manufactured where it comes from etc 2 3 of the consumers are female Only 15 of the targets know to some extent the knowledge about the wine 71 of the targets choose the vine by their appearance such as special trademarks Like brightly painted and specially designed trademark especially women consumers Generation Y and Baby Boomers even more likes bright color design than Generation Xers which represent eye catching unique stylish creative clever colorful Half of the targets pay attention to the back label information on the vine bottle such as the fragrance and taste history of the wine interesting or romantic vineyard or vine related stories how to match the food and the vine the character or climate of the producing area etc Who are the most listened to opinion leaders among those targets Celebrities of good prestige and of a good public figure of cultured and educated Experts of the vine Events the targets usually attends Events around family and cooking Wine tasting event Channels to reach the target Advertisement on traditional media as TV newspaper modern and fashion magazine etc Vine distribute networks such as exclusive wine shops which is also the most common place for the target to buy the wine the supermarket restaurants wine tasting room grocery store discount store online shop etc Social media 80 of targets uses social medias as Facebook YouTube 41 Twitter 39 Linked In 28 Google 25 Pinterest 24 Instagram 20 wine app on the mobile phone

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