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The Basic Concepts of Magnetic Resonance Imaging

The Basic Concepts of MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging Abstract MRI is ranked as one of the most rapidly advancing diagnostic imaging techniques used today Though it is at the top the hazards of it must be acknowledged accepted and respected The procedure itself is safe but if there is a chance that it might go wrong then it can go really wrong Hence it is valuable to know the safety issues considered by radiologist clinicians physicians and radiographers during examination This paper reviews the history behind the birth of MRI with Felix Bloch and Edward Purcell a few uses of MRI in the medical field the advantages with its preciseness and accuracy and the disadvantages of this application with patients containing metallic devices within them Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI also known as NMR Nuclear Magnetic Resonance as well as all of the medical imaging techniques are of recent discovery The foundation of these technologies began around the 1940 s where Felix Bloch along with Edward Purcell discovered the magnetic phenomena in the year 1946 Bloch and Purcell were later awarded the Nobel Prize for such great work in the year of 1952 MRI scan was being used for chemical and physical analysis then and even up to now it is one of the main techniques used to study diseases Later then in 1973 Hounsfield came up with a complimentary technique with the computed tomography which was using computerized techniques to develop images from MRI scans and in 1977

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