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How Apollo has Affected Modern Society

How Apollo has Affected Modern Society The mythological god Apollo was one of the most important gods in the greek and roman eras He has impacted a lot in modern culture as well You may have heard of his name before from the title of Nasa's Apollo Space Program numerous movies And the Apollo theatre The Apollo Space program was the first program to put man on the moon Apollo has affected modern society in a lot of ways and here's how and why Apollo is the god of music truth prophecy healing sunlight the plague and poetry just to name a few Apollo s father was the olympian god Zeus and his mother Leto was a titan Although Zeus and Leto weren't married Zeus did have a wife Hera When Zeus's wife found out about the pregnancy she was furious and made it difficult for Leto to give birth Hera kidnapped Eileithyia the god childbirth Which made Apollo's birth painful and last nine days The birth of leto s first child Artemis Apollo's twin sister was painless and quick Apollo grew up and soon after was given a gift from Zeus A piece of land in the middle of the earth Where he could be worshiped by humans Although it was a gracious gift it had many problems There were no people in the area to worship Apollo Because of the monster called the Python To get people to come the area Apollo Killed the Python but not only did he kill it for people to come He also killed the Python for vengeance Daly Kathleen N and Marian Rengel Greek and Roman mythology A to Z Chelsea House Publishers 2009 page 14 15 says Apollo sent off in search of the serpent Python who had tormented Apollo s mother Leto Apollo tracked down Python at delphi and killed her He also had to get humans to come to Corinth So he transformed into the shape of a dolphin and led the humans to Corinth Although Apollo was in love numerous times he never married According Daly Kathleen N and Marian Rengel Greek and Roman mythology A to Z Chelsea House Publishers 2009 Apollo had many loves not all of them happy Many theories believe that Apollo was pushed into a crater in the moon 

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