Essay Example on Techniques Novel Kafka uses unemotional and confusing Sentences








Argument 1 Techniques Novel Kafka uses unemotional and confusing sentences First example Joseph K is told It s true that you re under arrest but that shouldn't stop you from carrying out your job And there shouldn't be anything to stop you carrying on with your usual life Page 18 Second example Perhaps you will object that there are no proceedings against me You will be quite right as there are proceedings only if I acknowledge that there are Page 49 Third example K considers if he should give the Court a written defence It would contain a short description of his life and explain why he had acted the way he had at each event that was in any way important whether he now considered he had acted well or ill and his reasons for each Page 134 However the narrator tells the reader that legal assistance in this court is essential while he also tells us that

The only things of real value are honest personal contacts contacts with higher officials Page 139 Effect on the reader By using unemotional and confusing sentences that contradict themselves the reader gets lost in the novel and can t understand Kafka s real message and the absurdity of events Movie Orson Welles displays unique and powerful uses of lighting to progress the film narrative and to suggest the absurd nature of the novel First example Welles uses the lighting to give insight into the protagonist emotion and to create visually strong and absurd atmospheres Second example Welles places some characters in the dark for big reveals swings a light between the characters faces in order to create drama and then makes it bright and white so every detail is exposed Third example Joseph K the protagonist finds the men from his apartment in a tiny closet at work and the light moves back and forth on every character's face making the viewer feel disoriented and claustrophobic just like K Effect on the reader

The viewer can connect to the protagonist and can understand the character s emotions and absurd situations In brief by playing with the lights the movie helps the viewer understand the novel s absurdity Argument 2 Style Novel Kafka s style is certainly humorous making its moves through understatement rather than through extreme or excessive language First example Someone must have been telling lies about Josef K he knew he had done nothing wrong but one morning he was arrested Page 2 Effect on the reader In order to understand Kafka s humorous style the reader needs to read the novel multiples times because it is hard to see the comedy in the situation created by the writer Therefore the reader is lost and doesn't comprehend Kafka s humorous style which is important to understand the absurdity of the novel Movie Welles uses deep focus which experts consider to be his signature in order to demonstrate Kafka s humorous style First example there is a scene in the movie in which the viewer sees the protagonist and the officers in the same room The officers are discussing K s trial however K can see and hear the whole conversation and with his face expression the viewer sees and understand the comedy and irony of the novel Effect on the reader By understanding these key factors the viewer easily understand the absurdity of the protagonist trial and of the novel Argument 3

The presentation and emphasis on the Parable of the Law Novel The absurdity of the novel is lost through the presentation and emphasis on the Parable of the Law Explanation The Parable of the Law is about a man who is trying to gain admittance to the Law The guard in front of the gate of the Law tells him to wait The man waits for years till he approaches his own death Before dying he asks the doorkeeper why nobody else has tried to gain admittance to the Law The doorkeeper answers and says that no one has come by because the gate was meant for the man alone Effect on the reader The reader is lost because in the novel Kafka s mechanical writing continuously accentuate who is talking so there is often a repetition of the noun priest The emphasis that should be on the Parable of Law gets lost in the text It becomes a part of the monotonous tone of the story Thus the reader can t understand the absurd nature of the novel Movie The Parable is seen through illustrations that creates an absurd mood First example The Parable is presented by means of black and white images in a jerky way already setting the tone to a very matter of fact rest of events creating an absurd mood pulling in the viewers in this atmosphere It pushes them to accept an predetermined order of things Effect on the reader Therefore the visual presented by the illustrations helps the viewer understand the Parable and brings out the theme of absurdity more efficiently than the novel

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