Essay Example on Ted Bundy is considered a serial rapist necrophiliac and Murderer









Anyone who commits the same crime multiple times could be considered a serial offender This could include any crime from robbery to murder What factors lead a person to commit a serial offense This is a question that I am sure will never be fully answered however in this paper I will examine and describe Ted Bundy Ted Bundy is considered a serial rapist necrophiliac and murderer I will then explain if biological psychological environmental or social factors played a role in leading Ted Bundy to commit serial offenses Ted Bundy Ted Bundy was born in 1946 in a home for unwed mothers Ramsland 2013b He was raised by his grandparents in Philadelphia as his mother s adopted brother When Bundy was four years old his mother moved him to Texas where she married Johnnie Bundy Ramsland 2013b Bundy s mother and her husband Johnnie Bundy had multiple children together Bundy describes his childhood as a good one with caring parents who took him to church regularly He became interested in knives at an early age and is described as a shy but bright child Ted Bundy 2018 

When Bundy was a teenager he showed no remorse for stealing things that he wanted and would peer into people s windows Ted Bundy 2018 He eventually discovered that he was an illegitimate child and although he was very ashamed and insecure about this he was determined to improve his status Bundy graduated in 1972 with a degree in psychology from the University of Washington In 1974 Bundy was accepted to law school in Utah His first arrest was in 1975 for possession of burglary tools in Utah He was pulled over by police who searched his vehicle and found handcuffs rope a face mask and a crowbar Ted Bundy 2018 That same year he was arrested for kidnapping Carol DaRoncho and sentenced to a jail sentence In 1977 Bundy was indicted for the killing of a Colorado woman While being transported to a courthouse library Bundy escaped custody by jumping out of a window Ted Bundy 2018 He was caught eight days later but eventually escaped again After escaping Bundy fled to Florida where he attacked five women two of which he killed Ramsland 2013b Bundy raped and murdered twelve year old Kimberly Leach a month later Ramsland 2013b Ted Bundy sought the women out that he murdered He would often drive for hours looking for the victim that matched his sexual preference Most of his victims were college students attractive and had long dark hair Some people claim that Bundy s victims resembled his college girlfriend who broke up him Bundy was devastated by the break up When Bundy found a victim he would often fake a need for assistance or fake an injury Ramsland 2013b

Once he got the girl to the car he would hit her with a crowbar and knock her unconscious He would then handcuff her and place her in the car Bundy would often kill his victims by strangling them during a sexual act although he also sometimes beat them to death or beheaded them and cut off their hands Ramsland 2013b In 1979 Ted Bundy was convicted of murder and sentenced to death In the case of Ted Bundy I believe that only psychological factors contributed to his serial offenses I feel that Ted Bundy was a psychopath Ramsland 2013b stated that Bundy s chameleonic style presents a unique form of mental flexibility that certain predatory psychopaths possess p 19 Bundy was able to adapt to different environments easily When he was arrested for the murders people were shocked and swore that law enforcement had the wrong person Forensic Psychiatrist and author of The Mask of Sanity Hervey Cleckley took the stand during Bundy s trial and stated that Bundy was a thrill killer Ramsland 2013a p 64 Cleckley agreed with the first evaluation of Bundy by forensic psychiatrist Emanuel Tanay that Bundy had antisocial personality disorder over which he had no control and which prevented him from fully appreciating his action Ramsland 2013a p 64 Tanay also found that Bundy was a narcissistic psychopath and because of that he was unable to stand trial Tanay took his ideas from Cleckleys work 

When Cleckley took the stand he stated that he agreed with Tanay except he felt that Bundy was competent to stand trial because he thought that Bundy could control his narcissism Ramsland 2013a The court determined that Cleckley was the expert on psychopaths and agreed with him that Bundy was in fact competent to stand trial Bundy was a psychopath he killed women for pleasure and I believe that he truly enjoyed kidnapping raping and killing his victims Conclusion Ted Bundy was controlled by his desires He was a psychopath who found no remorse in the offenses that he committed I feel that based on what is described above that even if Ted Bundy had not been an illegitimate child and had grown up in the perfect home he still would have become a serial offender

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