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Research shows that in 2014 only 24.5 of teenagers got their license when they turned 16 Beck Julie People say that teenagers should not be aloud to be behind a wheel so soon But if a student has a after school activity they must do a parent doesn't want to drive them back and forth to every practice game or concert Therefore here is some reasons why the driving age should stay at the age sixteen Many students have after school activities that they are involved in whether it is a sport choir or band They do not want to have to ask their parents to always take them to their practices or concerts also their parents most likely don t want to drive them On the other hand you have some teenagers who parents work till late at night or do not get home until after the child's practice or concert starts so how are they suppose to get to their activity Many people have been able to drive at the age 16 for decades so why change it now Do people want to change it because they say a sixteen year old is too irresponsible to drive but yet there are eighteen twenty one and fifty year olds that just as irresponsible debate org It doesn't matter about the age difference between sixteen to fifty its about the person behind the wheel Drivers Ed Unlike most people that wait to get their license till their eighteen or older they have to take a course called drivers ed Once a citizen is eighteen they do not have to take drivers ed and can just take the test to get their license But if a teenager is under eighteen they have to take the course 

This course teaches you dos and don'ts of driving Drivers ed is a course where you have to have 24 hours of class and also have eight in car driving training Ohio Teens Drivers Ed Once a teenager turns fifteen and five months old they can start taking the classes even if they don t have their permit yet But in order to get their license they have to wait six months after they get their permit and have to have 50 driving hours and out of those ten have to be driving at night Therefor a sixteen year old driver might have more experience at driving than a eighteen year old Counter Argument Studies show that in 2013 on average 373 645 injuries and 2 921 deaths of teenage drivers were involved in police reported crashes Feiler Bruce How many readers would think to themselves that that is why the age should be raised but who said it was the teenagers fault It just says that many were involved If a teenager adds more than one friend to their car ride they get easily distracted then their chances of the car crashing is increased by 44 If they add three friends then their chances are doubled In order to decrease the amount of teenagers that do this sit them down and have a talk with them stating they should wait this amount of time before they add more people

There is also a law in the state of Ohio that a teenager must wait till they have had their license for six months to a year before they are aloud to have more than one non family member in the car Many car crashes are because a teenage is texting and drivign or looking at their phone Some of the best places for a teen or anyone that has a habit of looking at their phone while driving is in a dock at eye level or on the dashboard Also putting your phone on do not disturb while behind the wheel is a great idea because it will stop from a persons phone buzzing or ringing Curfew Curfew is one of the main factors of driving as a teenager Until you are as the age of eighteen the teen can not be out past twelve A M without a parent or guardian If they are they most likely will get either a ticket or warning There is a lot of crashes that happen at night because the driver may not be able to see that well In order to help stop that then talk to your teen and agree on the first six months they have to be in before it gets dark Unless they have a reason to be out that late For example maybe the game didn't get done till 9PM or the choir concert doesn't start till 7PM Conclusion There is many reasons why the age to drive should not be changed Although no matter what the teenager thinks is right it is up to the parents and what they think is right After all they just want their child safe and to make sure he or she know how and is responsible enough to handle such a privilege to drive These are some reasons why they should keep the driving age at sixteen and that its not always the teenage that is the responsible one in the crashes

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