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TERM PAPER The martial arts are a term that refers to all of the various systems of training for combat that have been arranged or systematized Generally these different systems or styles are all designed for one purpose physically defeating opponents and defending against threats However martial arts have also been practiced for a number of reasons such as self defense military and law enforcement applications mental and spiritual development also as entertainment and the preservation of a nation s intangible cultural heritage There are many effect of learning martial arts in human life Hence this article explains how martial arts training give effects to the trainees The martial arts are important practices in people lifestyle It can be a great exercise that included fitness sport self defence combat skill self cultivation mental discipline character development self confidence and also as alternative therapy for some medical conditions Sharpe PA 2007 The training may help improve self esteem confidence and body image There are huge numbers of different physical activities that have varied from physically inactive to high intensity activity 

For example tai chi suit for elderly person whereas younger people preferred more in taekwondo while yoga is popular among young women Zeeuwe PE 2006 It is not just a simply physical exercise since it can be used as medical prescription that can move from an experience based to an evidence based treatment According to Wolf SL 1997 the study found that tai chi is proven to reduce stress improved agility and balance posture control lower extremity strength and effective sleep for insomnia problem Martial arts can also lead as anti aging for muscular skeletal system Birrer RB 1981 and an improvement in both physical and mental capacities Jin P 1992 The techniques in traditional martial arts are designed to use against real attackers Hence it might be difficult for students to practice them on the opponent safely However martial arts have existed and been practised for a long time With this they have cultivated a safe way for people to train effectively Furthermore it can help people to be a happier person by focusing on mental or spiritual harmony The people who trained regularly were shown to have higher energy levels more agreeable clear minded and confident to compare with group of non grapplers likes at health gym McCafferty 2014 A study conducted showed that those who were randomized to high intensity training have the greatest improvements in mood Etnier et al 1997 The benefits are not only physical but also psychological Nevertheless it takes a long time to learn traditional martial art Hence they have to start at a young age to attain a high level of skills In addition martial arts practitioners held that aggression and hostility can be reduced by training in martial arts 

A research shows that martial arts practices develop the youth hostile s behaviour as well as decrease the feeling of anger i e Daniels Thornton 1992 Brown et al 1995 It allowed participants to diffuse emotions and cause tension to become less severe Kuśnierz Wojciech Litwiniuk 2014 The feelings of satisfaction optimism self esteem having some control over one's life having a purpose in life and a sense of belonging and support are the area of life that involve with the general mental well being Scottish Government 2012 Researcher also found a correlation between the training s specificity that affected the aggressiveness levels and qualifications of instructor The relationship between a goodness of fit between martial arts and task orientation in term of goal setting caused by the belt ranking system is found by King Williams 1997 Egan 1993 found that the martial arts students showed significant increases in scores for self acceptance that influenced by the training environment and style of instruction Last but not least martial arts training are used to attract and educate youth

A review of empirical evidence that supports anecdotal reports about the positive psychosocial consequences of martial arts practice is provided by Binder 1999 The experience that will attract youth who are at clear risk for acts of delinquent or impulsive violence and even lead them to live a positive life way is exactly provided by traditional martial arts Cannold 1982 A report by Trulson 1986 found the data recommends the traditional martial arts training can effectively decrease juvenile delinquent tendencies A table that created by Vertonghen Theeboom 2010 has shown a list of the authors of the research they looked at The positive effects in their traits due to participation in martial arts have shown by the youth participants in each group In conclusion martial art can bring more positive than negative effect In order to make sure that we will continue gaining its benefit it should be further studied for information that will assist people in selecting a suitable exercise and for sure will help society in the future 800 words

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