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Immigrants settled in many states of the America

Many immigrants first came to this country they settled in many states of the America They are main 15 states that immigrants made up the biggest share of the population But the mainly they settled in the five states such as New York Taxes California Florida and New Jersey Mostly immigrants have settled in larger number of group Record shows that that in this 5 states 5 out 1 person is immigrants that is almost 79 of the national population Pew Research Center analysis of Census Bureau data Although the ranking as been changed over the years almost all the states that have the same immigrants There is data stating how many percentage are there in what city they have settled In California it is about 20 New York has 14 and Florida has 10 and new jersey 7 many more states There is table to check all the states percentage population of immigrants This number is that are shown are on the image are actually number that illegal immigrants at the time This chart will also state that what kind of people are in what states and what are their percentage This data changes every year it mainly based on number of the people coming to this country illegal and staying in different states Basically this illegal immigrants have coming to the states which have more job opportunity business Many illegal immigrants come here due to economic reasons The main reason behind the immigration is Freedom

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