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This American Life is a radio show

This American Life is a radio show hosted by Ira Glass in collaboration with Adam Davidson a business correspondent for National Public Radio NPR as well as Alex Blumberg a producer for the show The podcast episode number 390 which originally aired in the spring of 2008 was called Return to the Giant Pool of Money The show begins with Ira and Adam at a black tie dinner similar to the Oscars However the award being presented was not for actors This award dinner was for a small group of specialized financial experts with one award in particular being given for Collateralized Debt Obligation CDO of the year Jim Finkel also sitting at the table with Ira and Adam was a man who was described as a Legend and a Granddaddy of the financial industry Now he sat nervously no longer high with investor confidence Ch 9 p 294 because he was up for the CDO of the year award At this time it was an already well known fact that CDOs were considered to be a financial product that became a leader in the economies subprime mortgage meltdown and financial crisis Act 1 was particularly interesting as it began by recapping the original report where Alex and Adam hear from the bankers mortgage dealers investment managers and homeowners who all whether consciously or not played a role in creating the economic disaster created by the housing crisis 

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