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Texture Taste and Appearance of Food Nanotechnology gives opportunities to enhance the sustenance quality and furthermore helps in improving nourishment taste Nanoencapsulation procedures have been utilized to enhance the flavor discharge and maintenance and to convey culinary adjust Rutin is a typical dietary flavonoid with extraordinary imperative pharmacological exercises yet because of poor dissolvability its application in the nourishment business is restricted The ferritin nanocages epitome improved the dissolvability warm and UV radiation security of ferritin caught rutin when contrasted with free rutin The utilization of nanoemulsions to convey lipid dissolvable bioactive mixes is much well known Bigger particles for the most part discharge typified mixes all the more gradually and over longer eras nanoparticles give promising methods for enhancing the bioavailability of nutraceutical mixes due to their subcellular estimate prompting a higher medication bioavailability Numerous metallic oxides for example titanium dioxide and silicon dioxide SiO2 have routinely been utilized as shading or stream operators in nourishment things SiO2 nanomaterials are likewise a standout amongst the most utilized nourishment nanomaterials as bearers of aromas or flavors in sustenance items Nutritional Value 

A lion s share of bioactive mixes for example lipids proteins starches and vitamins are touchy to high acidic condition and compound action of the stomach and duodenum Exemplification of these bioactive mixes not just empowers them to oppose such unfriendly conditions yet additionally enables them to acclimatize promptly in nourishment items which is very difficult to accomplish in non capsulated shape because of low water dissolvability of these bioactive mixes Nanoparticles based small palatable cases with the mean to enhance conveyance of drugs vitamins or delicate micronutrients in the day by day nourishments are being made to give noteworthy medical advantages The nanocomposite nano emulsification and nanostructuration are the diverse methods which have been connected to exemplify the substances in smaller than expected structures to all the more successfully convey supplements like protein and cell reinforcements for exactly focused on wholesome and medical advantages Polymeric nanoparticles are observed to be appropriate for the exemplification of bioactive mixes e g flavonoids and vitamins to secure and transport bioactive part Preservation or Shelf Life Conservation or Shelf Life In utilitarian nourishments where bioactive segment regularly gets corrupted and in the long run prompted inactivation because of the unfriendly condition nanoencapsulation of these bioactive parts broadens the time span of usability of sustenance items by backing off the debasement forms or forestalls corruption until the point when the item is conveyed at the objective site 

Besides the palatable nano coatings on different nourishment materials could give an obstruction to dampness and gas trade and convey hues flavors cell reinforcements catalysts and hostile to sautéing specialists and could likewise expand the time span of usability of fabricated sustenances even after the bundling is opened NANOSENSORS FOR PATHOGEN DETECTION The nanosensor fills in as a pointer that reacts to changes in ecological conditions for example moistness or temperature microbial pollution or items corruption Different nanostructures like thin nanorods nanoparticles and nanofibers have been inspected to their conceivable applications in biosensors Thin film based optical immunosensors for location of microbial substances or cells have prompted the fast and exceptionally delicate discovery frameworks In these immunosensors particular antibodies antigens or protein atoms are immobilized on thin sensor chips which produce motions on recognition of target particles A dimethylsiloxane microfluidic immunosensor incorporated with particular counter acting agent immobilized on an alumina nanoporous film was created for fast location of foodborne pathogens Escherichia coli O157 H7 and Staphylococcus aureus with electrochemical impedance range Biosensors in light of carbon nanotubes likewise increased much consideration because of their fast identification straightforwardness and cost viability and have additionally been effectively connected for the recognition of microorganisms poisons and other debased items in sustenance and refreshments 

SAFETY ISSUES For instance anticaking specialist i e silica nanoparticles can be cytotoxic in human lung cells A model is produced to examine the movement of particles from nourishment bundling They considered uncovered the relocation of silver and copper from nano composites Nanomaterial has its own individual properties in this manner harmfulness will probably be built up on a case by case premise Moreover administrative specialists must build up a few gauges for business items to ensure the item quality wellbeing and security and natural directions when uncovered CONCLUSION In most recent couple of decades the utilization of nanotechnology in nourishment industry remains the primary centered by the looks into Along these lines cheerful outcomes have been accomplished in the safeguarding of nourishment utilizing nanomaterial so they can shield the food from dampness lipids gases off flavors and scents They can effectively offer convey bioactive mixes to the objective tissues Despite the fact that the advances in nanotechnology are developing step by step there still stay many difficulties and open doors for the change of current innovation While managing the nanotechnology the straightforwardness of wellbeing issues and natural effect ought to be the need and along these lines basic testing of nonfoods is required before they are discharged to the market

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