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The 21st century is the digital age every day there are a lot of single people working on the same goal and that is finding the perfect life partner Likewise they accomplish this goal in a variety of ways and most people try to date different people to find her or him As the internet has entered people's lives there has been a change in the way people seek companionship as well as giving singles more choices such as online dating and traditional dating However these datings are different some people more likely to make online dating they want to find easier and less time consuming ways of dating On the contrary others think that traditional dating has a long history more realistic and stable There are many similarities and differences between online dating and traditional dating therefore people need to understand these ways no matter how they choose to find a life partner One important difference is the first impression people say that the first impression is all about one person both traditional dating and online dating they have different meanings for first impressions

The traditional dating in the initial stage relies mainly on finding people who meet their aesthetic standards and the first impressions are shaped by appearances because traditional dating is a face to face communication and when people are affected by first impressions they can find that first impressions often lie Like online dating the first impression is influenced by many factors such as photos age occupation and hobbies because people initially communicate online and people cannot face to face Some of these studies have revealed that men favored young and good looking women with potential parenting skills and that women sought males with high socioeconomic status Naji Bajnaid and Elyas 2017 p76 Thus it can be seen that personal information affects the choice of singles and that information is equivalent to first impressions Another difference between Online dating and traditional dating is flexibility Online dating is a novel way of dating For example recent estimates have indicated that 40 million Americans visit online dating services monthly and that 25 of singles have tried one Rosen Cheeve Cummings Felt 2008 p 2 Based on this data online dating has become a mainstream form of dating because the internet has been integrated into our lives online dating is convenient and simple for single people It allows people to communicate at any time anywhere and they can spend more time looking for a life partner As a result more singles will be willing to try online dating in the future On the other hand traditional dating is limited 

In today's society even if it is a meeting between friends it needs to be scheduled in advance and if people want to have a face to face date they need to schedule time for a date and maybe two people have only a few hours to communicate However a few hours are not enough for finding a mate Finally misrepresentation is an important difference between online dating and traditional dating Because the network is a virtual world everyone can easily upload pictures text etc which does not necessarily mean that the latest or real information At the same time there will be some false websites to deceive single people these sites will benefit The National Fraud Authority in the United Kingdom estimates that fraud costs in the United Kingdom equate to over 78 billion a year with 35 billion lost to mass marketing fraud Whitty 2015 p 1 Thus online dating needs to be cautious In contrast the traditional date is more often through the party the introduction of friends and other ways to start so before the traditional dating people have learned about each other s personal interests cultural level and personality In traditional dating people tend to get along with their real selves more often so the traditional dating misrepresentation will be lower 

Although there are many differences between online dating and traditional dating on the contrary online dating and traditional dating have some similarities For example on a geographical basis online dating can look for people in the same area on the internet such as workplaces schools homes and so on Similarly traditional dating is more often from the same city for example these people may study in the same school work in the same company meet at the party and so on In summary online dating and traditional dating are unique they are differences are the first impression flexibility and misrepresentation There are a lot of differences and similarities between online dating and traditional dating so people have different ideas and some people think that dating is more appropriate others think that traditional dating is better In fact the combination of the two may be a better choice Use online dating to find and communicate and use traditional dating to keep in touch which will make two people more closely related Consequently whether online dating or traditional dating everyone has their own choice they will choose the best way for them

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