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The afternoon sun rested upon the mountains The orange glow seeping through the leaves and branches of the trees Occasionally a shout and thump of hay being stacked was heard through the bushes A mouse retreated from his cosy hole and began to forage for food The light pitter patter of the mouse s paws on the fallen leaves drew the attention of a nearby hawk looking for a meal The hawk hungrily gazed at the mouse The hunt was quickly interrupted by a pile of dirt which was carelessly thrown on top of the oddly shaped gravestone It's all you could've done Comforted Slim George s eyes were filled with regret This was your only choice If you hadn't and Curley would've gotten his hands on him who knows what would've happened to him Curley woulda hurt him as much as possible before killing him Tears slid down George s face as he stood gloomy I knew he had it comin I knew ever since we started working We'd have to go each time because of him needed to have a new life each time Every time it was just like Weed Ever since Aunt Clara died 

Never knew it would have happened so soon George bent down and wiped the dirt of the tombstone Lennie would always talk about em damn rabbits He always say he d feed em off a little piece of Alfalfa When he died I recited his dream for him so at least he died thinkin about em rabbits I knew it woulda made him happy George whispered progressively more and more tears streamed down his face We was gonna get a place We woulda had a cow an some chickens an maybe a pig It woulda been a cosy little place Just me and Lennie The leaves of the bush crackled behind them revealing Curley He watched Slim and George with a sly smile on his face He has committed so many crimes he should rot in hell for all he's done He deserved it after what he did to my wife He was jealous of my fortune and killed her because he couldn't have had her for himself Why if It wasn't Lennie's fault it was cause of your damn wife All she wanted was attention Lennie didn t know what to do when she was flirting If you woulda cared more for her this wouldn't have happened George interrupted quickly brushing his tears away 

Your wife gave everyone the eye Didn't you notice She was a tramp Slim continued My wife wasn't a tramp Curley shouted He quickly stomped up to be face to face with Slim Slim grabbed Curley s shirt Don't you mess with us Slim threatened Jus cause your wife doesn't mean you can treat people like this Shouldn't you be mourning for her Did you ever care There was a short moment of silence before Slim continued I can give you the fight you always wanted An you can show us how handy you really are Slim released his grip on Curley who quickly scurried to a safe distance Just you wait an see I'll can the whole lot of you Curley snarled as he stomped off to the barn Do you really think he’s gonna George asked I don t know I should talk to him calm him down He's been talkin garbage ever since his wife died He only gives threats cause he feels powerless Slim replied with an anxious look on his face If i lose this job I will never find another Slim muttered darting off in this same direction Curley took off in

This left George alone deep in thought Candy took this opportunity and stumbled beside George He placed a hand on George s shoulder in attempt to break him out of his thoughts George Hey George I know this isn't a good time to ask but is the land still up for sale I keep thinkin bout it I ve been thinkin about the cows and the pigs an the chickens Just us livin the life we wanted Candy pause He waited for a response from George but to no avail The boys wanted to know if you wanna play some Euchre It could take your mind off Lennie George still didn t respond to Candy If the boss finds out about the time you spend here he'll get rid of you The hell with the boss he can hand me my money and it won’t matter George replied motionlessly There were both sweating from the outside heat Shouting could be heard from inside the bunkhouse The shouting got louder and then stopped as soon the boss stepped outside He took a moment to catch his breath before shouting You re fired Every single one of you Did you hear that Candy The old man got rid of us I lost Lennie and now my job I have nowhere to go we have nowhere to go George let out a sigh Well now we don t have a job we can finally buy the land Candy said getting excited he started fanning out bills I've gathered all of our money We have nearly 300 bucks This is exactly what Lennie would ve wanted George stood up and slung his bindle over his shoulder He turned so his back was facing Candy C'mon let's go The two men walked down the dusty road past the river and off to live the future Lennie and George wanted

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