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The Age of Elizabeth Through the history of mankind there was a story of a queen who ruled in England named Queen Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth was born on September 7 1533 and died on March 24 1603 During her throne she had made many settlements related to the problems of the world and succeeded in solving it so that this age was known as the Golden Age For the record Queen Elizabeth also earned the nickname as a virgin queen because of her intention not to marry until her death When the Elizabethan era flourished the appearance of the remarkable author began to show itself The name of the author is widely known until now his name was William Shakespeare William was born on April 23 1564 and died on April 23 1616 William was one of the well known authors during the Elizabethan era William s ability as an author was inherited from his father who loved art and literature As William grew up he fell in love with a woman named Anne Hathaway and eventually married her and from the marriage they had three children named Susanna Hamnet and Judith To support his financial life William began to work at the age of 26 His career started as an actor in a traveling show and later became a scriptwriter and poet 

After several years William successfully made the results of his works became famous He also gained the trust of Queen Elizabeth as a special guest in the royal event because at the time Queen Elizabeth loved the works of Shakespeare William Shakespeare had successfully earned the title as the greatest author in England Through his works he managed to buy a house in Stratford As the time passed William s age turned into 46 and made him think that it was the time to take the retirement for his job Then he decided to move to a house in Stratford and started to focus on his family Unfortunately at the age of 52 William Shakespeare breathed his last and left the world forever which made the world lose the figure of the famous author Days later William was buried So Shakespeare was one of the most famous authors in The Age of Elizabeth He made a living by making famous works and was able to be a special guest of Queen Elizabeth At the time Queen Elizabeth loved the works of Shakespeare This era had managed to inspire everyone with unlimited patriotism brought by Shakespeare s work entitled The Faery Queen During the Elizabethan era William Shakespeare had contributed many works and until now the works are still remembered and also performed on the stage His works will remain immortal for those who love the art of literature The following listed below are some of the most prominent works of him those are The first one is Romeo and Juliet This is a tragedy work of Shakespeare that was written during his first career The tragedy tells a story of a pair of young brides who fell in love but are prevented because their two families are hostile to each other 

Romeo and Juliet is one of Shakespeare's most famous works and is also one of his most frequently performed The second one is Macbeth So Macbeth is a Scottish nobleman who role as a murderer in Shakespeare's tragedy The description character of Macbeth is a man who has an inner conflict and is ego controlled so as to make him do various untrue acts The story emphasizes evidence of the existence of the dangers behind the status of one's greatness The third one is Hamlet The story begins with the death of Hamlet's father a Danish king causing his uncle Claudius to ascend the throne and mary Hamlet's mother Some of Hamlet's friends claim to see Hamlet's father 's ghost saying that the village was postponed for being killed by Claudius Claudius had sent Hamlet to England but Hamlet returned to Denmark and accidentally attended the funeral of Ophelia Laertes who see Hamlet want to take revenge Finally Hamlet Claudius and Laertes died at the duel The forth one is King Lear This one of Shakespeare's works is also about kingdom and power There was a king named Lear who wanted to share his fortune with his three sons Goneril Regan and Cordelia Goneril and Regan are married only Cordelia is still a fiancée of the King of France King Lear shares his fortune with his two married sons and actually wants to kill his father while Cordelia who loves his father is evicted from the palace Even the king s loyal counselor Kent was also expelled for defending Cordelia and being raped The fifth one is Othello Othello revolves around a man who served as a general in the Italian state Othello has a wife named Desdemona A soldier named Iago jealous of Othello he then said that Desdemona had an affair with Cassio a lieutenant In the end Othello was incited by Iago and strangled Desdemona in bed However the truth is always revealed Although Othello finally finds out that Desdemona is innocent his regrets are unstoppable Then he stabbed himself to death

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