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01 19 2018 LuckyToBe When any American steps outside he or she is constantly bombarded with marketing signals The American Marketing association predicts that the average consumer is exposed to up to 10 000 brand messages on a daily basis AMA Actually getting a consumer to remember your message let alone participate in your campaign may seem like an impossible task So when a truly successful ad campaign stands out from the thousands of daily signals it is worth analyzing what factors made that specific campaign so successful The 2015 LuckyToBe General Mills Campaign effort to promote the Lucky Charms cereal was notable ad campaign The two and a half year old campaign produced by the McCann New York agency embraces the cereals overall queer identity by releasing the LuckyToBe campaign to support the annual LGBT Pride Month General Mills We re celebrating Pride month with whimsical delight magical charms and two new rainbow marshmallows If you re lucky enough to be different we re celebrating you the LuckyToBe campaign stated in a press release sent to GLAAD magazine back in 2015 In June of 2015 Lucky Charms released its LuckyToBe campaign which essentially encouraged everyday people to share what makes them feel unique and vibrant through numerous social media platforms

Since 1964 American children have loved eating Lucky Charms Growing up children loved lucky charms for their fun kid friendly advertisements However 40 of Lucky Charm consumers are actually adults Spredfast That s a considerable portion of their demographics and the cereal brand cannot afford to exclude them from their advertising efforts The cereal brand needed a campaign that resonated with their adult costumers In order to overcome those 10 000 daily signals advertisements need to strike an emotional or intellectual cord with its audience Sharon Panelo the Strategy Director at McCann New York said We jumped at the chance to create a very different kind of campaign purpose driven targeted to social savvy LGBT millennials Spredfast The LuckyToBe campaign achieved its goal and was able to stand out because it created an empowering feel good community based campaign The Lucky Charms cereal is centered around its rainbow which has always given the cereal somewhat of a queer identify The brand embraced this and made it the focal point of its brilliant campaign Although there was good intention behind the advertisement that does not automatically guarantee a successful campaign 

There are numerous factors that point to the LuckyToBe campaign s success that go beyond its good intentions and efforts to bring a community together The diversity celebrating campaign took on a life of its own through social media engagements making it almost a grassroots effort However in order to create a diverse ad campaign first there needs to exist a diverse team brainstorming to bring a campaign to life For years General Mills has cultivated a reputation that has been known to host an inclusive culture that not only welcomes diversity of thought but also celebrated it It is a company with a diverse workforce that has the essential tools to create a product or ad campaign that stands out The campaign achieved 125 million social media impressions at a fraction of the cost of television or banner ads Spredfast In fact a case study reported that the campaign came in at under one third of the cost of traditional advertising costs In a report released by the McCann New York agency each social media impression cost 78 cents a minuscule fee compared to the typical 2 66 cents that a banner ad costs and the 24 68 for a television ad There were over two million reactions on Facebook three million hits on Tumblr and a 26 retweet rate on twitter Mass Relevence Sharon Panelo best explains how the campaign when she said The result of our efforts was a new brand platform that leveraged social technologies in a fresh way to express pride and forged new emotional connections to an emerging consumer segment in a contemporary and relevant way

Another factor of what contributed to the campaign going viral was that Lucky Charms incorporated the very essence of its product in its messaging Sometimes companies get lost in their advertisements there is pressure to creating a bold campaign but sometimes that pressure creates advertisements that are flashy but do not have the brand embedded in its messaging The campaign celebrated and highlighted the aspects that makes every individual unique and that adds color to our world just like the marshmallows in Lucky Charms cereal General Mills Emily Thomas the marketing manager for Lucky Charms says We live in a colorful world and we think that s a really good thing By incorporating the marshmallows in the Lucky Charms cereal the campaign was perfectly on brand and the cereal was never lost in the individualistic campaign In fact the campaign did so well that the LuckyToBe campaign was included as a strength during the brand s SWOT analysis Lucky Charms Campaign Booklet The average target consumer is sent 10 000 marketing signals a day In order for brands to stay competitive and break through the daily noise they need something more captivating than a catchy jingle Consumers have so many options and in order for a brand to be that consumer s chosen brand they need to resonate with that specific person Craig Pladson the digital marketing manager at General Mills said I believe brands are at their best when people who power them are inspired by purpose We experienced this on Lucky To Be It was an idea built on the common values we believe exist between the LGBT community and Lucky Charms Campaigns need to have heart celebrate individualistic charterers while also creating a sense of community It seems like an overwhelming task but one that Lucky Charms executed flawlessly

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