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The American Refugee Committee was formed in 1978 by Chicago businessman Neal Ball Initially he organized a relief team consisting of volunteers who did relief work in Thailand and Cambodia The first refugee camp was at the Thai Cambodian border and was called Khao I Dang It began a year after its formation in 1979 Other Thai Cambodian relief camps included Nong Samet Ban Vinai Phanat Nikhom and Site Two Refugee Camp In 1993 ARC focused their attention on programs inside of Cambodia From 1997 to 1999 a new camp focused on health and sanitation was formed It was called Khao Phlu Refugee Camp American Refugee Committee History With an increase of five million more refugees this year alone many countries worldwide have been active in American Refugee Committee Facts about the world's refugees They outreach to 11 different countries varying in degrees of need These countries include Asili Jordan Myanmar Pakistan Rwanda Somalia South Sudan Syria Thailand and Uganda Each individual country harbors different needs which include sufficient food and water supply safe housing emergency relief sanitation and proper health conditions and education The American Refugee Committee travels to countries others would view as too dangerous and risky The 11 countries they focus on are known for war poverty clashes and explosive tensions Most of these countries lay in the Middle East or African areas 

Each worker has a united goal that persecuted and oppressed people will no longer have to live in fear and anyway they can help them find security will help ARC works in 8 different sectors for rehabilitation These include education health WASH Water Sanitation and Hygiene Shelter Social Enterprise Camp Management Protection and Emergency Response Two of the most prominent sectors are education and healthcare ARC reaches out to 1 050 000 children enrolled in primary school education in Pakistan Educate a child 25 million children living in Pakistan do not receive education that they are promised Dropout rates increase as grade levels increase and by fifth grade 85 of children do not go to school 10 alarming statistics about Pakistan's out of school children The Punjab region receives the most aid and outreach because it has the most need There are multiple methods to integrating education One method is instilling their program into current Pakistani schools The second option is building more classrooms and space with the goal of introducing a new school system The goal is for quality teaching environment and improved learning environments for students By involving government and local communities more are interested in facilitating Pakistani schools The overall yearly goal is to provide 1 million Pakistani children with excellent education The American Refugee Committee is also known for best of class healthcare Healthcare facilities such as clinicals nutritional services and hospitals have served 1 460 000 patients thus far including 119 000 moms and 593 000 children Health By providing Asilian farmers with proper resources training and tools the republic of Congo can cultivate and sell produce They also can receive proper nourishment and vitamins 

A main crop source is potatoes with 300 tons being sold annually Similarly clean water provides 3 million liters of water per year as well Health In Sudan malnutrition is an epidemic 500 000 under the age 5 suffer from severe malnutrition Sudan An interactive method of nutrition is teaching locals cooking classes feeding programs and educational campaigns 100 vaccination rate and improved maternal health and births are in Rwanda A country that experiences millions of refugees in Myanmar This is not due war or persecution however it is due to rapidly spreading malaria Maria is known as a disease caused by plasmodium parasite transmitted by the bite of infected mosquitoes Google It causes chills high fever and sweating A new problem has occurred drug resistant mosquitoes Malaria outbreaks are being prevented by ARC conducting malaria campaigns conducting research and working with health officials locally Above all working for this refugee committee not only means giving it your all it also means putting yourself at risk Aid is given in dangerous countries such as Syria South Sudan Rwanda Somalia Myanmar and many more Not only is conflict and tension high but war and disease are prevalent Syria is emerged in a battle against terrorists and war Therefore it is not unusual to see full scale military tanks artillery and aircraft on a daily basis The Syrian government has lost control of their government ARC workers collaborate with regular people who have risen to the challenge to provide humanitarianism and to aid their communital neighbors The Worst Humanitarian Emergency Of Our Time Another difficult place to help is in Uganda Violence and clashing tribes results in an insecure living place 

There is an even more disturbing fact that 23 million Ugandans will not have access to water this year Uganda ARC has fun ideas for the Ugandans to become involved in in order to raise money for girls to go to school as well as for food and water supply Some of these involve refugee ran relay races an ARC radio station to a community ran greenhouse project The American Refugee Committee gives everything it has to refugees worldwide It s work to end hunger violence malnutrition disease and turmoil make it very important to society For 40 years the ARC has contributed to the security of those who need it most When refugee acceptance rate is 50 there has never been a time when help and acceptance was most needed 50 Of Refugee Claims Rejected As this work continues to change ARC grows with it Sustainability and new resources in countries provides rehabilitation and outstanding care Helping displaced people is our only mission American Refugee Committee

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