Essay Example on The analysis phase is where the project analysis Begins









Analysis The analysis phase is where the project analysis begins The analysis phase is where you break down the deliverables in the high level project charter into more detailed business requirements The analysis phase is also the part of the project where you identify the overall direction that the project will take through the creation of the project strategy documents Gathering requirement is the main attraction of the analysis phase In our project report we want to add some functionalities features in our android cell phones Following are the additional functionalities Introducing a built in app that will save RAM and will increase the life of mobile phone battery A mess kind of situation in mobile phones are the apps running in the background eat up all RAM and the battery eradicate slowly This app will automatically stops app running in the background Providing a long lasting battery of 10000mah battery 

The main quirk of our android phone is the special people could use it Built in features of voice detection this will help people wasting their time in typing rather than they can easily do write anything over internet and explore them according to their own choice and also provide feature of retina detection Car controlling system through software Authentication scheme for session password using colours and images The lean back app presents a UI that is designed for viewing on a large screen such as television Communication software features The app uses session installation protocol SIP services By using SIP the app can support internet telephony operations such as video conferencing and instant messages Mental prototyping Once you are done with research and have laid down the cost involved then the next phase involves preparing detailed scope of work You need to do a mental prototype of your app and draw your ideas in form of sketches on whiteboard 

This will be the first visual representation of your ideas of the ideas which you collected in phase1 and it will help you uncover usability issues Another thing you need to done in this phase is to take the feedback of the relevant people to get a perspective of what they think about your ideas Discussing it with them will help you figure out the loopholes and allow you to look for a solution to tackle with them Assessment of technical feasibility Having an understand of visual is not enough because you need to analyze whether the back end system will support the app s functionality or not to understand if the idea of your app is technically feasible you need to get access to public data by simply sourcing public APIS You also need to determine which platform you are building your app for first building an app shall have different requirement depending upon its platform Android OS as well as its format tablet smartphones Building a prototype You cannot define the touch experience until and unless you actually touch the App and see how it work and flows In order for that to happen you must build a prototype and get the experience of the App into the users hand as soon as possible 

This will help you see if things are going in right direction In this phase you can use rough and not exhaustive wireframes Including the stakeholders in this process and allowing them to touch the prototype shall help you take their feedback and implement it into your work Designing and developing of App before moving the coding you must design your App A user experience designer can create the interaction architecture of design elements while a user interface designer can create the look and feel of your App this in itself is a multi step process and then end results is visual direction and blueprints which gives envision of the final product it also informs you on how an interaction should feel move and flow Building the App using Agile methodologies Once he design is ready then it is the time for you to built the App Agile methodology is the best approach for mobile application development as it allows you to make changes add new features and keep evolving with the changing trends 

Testing the mobile App For this phase we need to get some target users to help you test the App UAT Testing For user experience testing you need to put your App in the hands of the users which you are targeting and once it passes the UAT test you know that the solution which you are providing actually works Beta Testing Make your App available for the beta trial by allowing open participation to test it The feedback from these beta users will help you determine if your app s functions work well in the real work environment The launch Once the above phase is successful your App is complete and is ready to be submitted to the AP store for approval However this is not the end as every App require regular updates and new features to be added to it during the mobile application development life cycle The development cycle begins once again as soon as the first version of the App is launched

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