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The Article I chose is Eat Broccoli for Cancer Prevention because I know a lot of people around me who are suffering or I can say dying from cancer Cancer starts when there is uncontrolled growth of the cells in our body Those cells are totally different from the normal cells in human body And Not only one but there are a lot of types of cancer that people are unaware of For Example Thyroid Cancer Bladder Cancer Breast Cancer and so many I am interested in this article as I know about the some other causes of this disease and I would like to share it with you Some very common things we do in our daily lives which can cause cancer too but we take it so easy as we have the perception that nothing wrong will happen with us in our lives There are myths and misconceptions too in the minds of people that they think are the causes for cancer But I will explain all the information about this myth as I studied about this topic when one of my known person was suffering so that I can help some people to come out of this misconceptions The article explains that there are 2 things which are the leading cause of cancer in america 

This line has grab my attention towards it First Tobacco Smoke the primary cause for cancer mentioned in the article The chemicals present in the tobacco are so harmful that it damages the DNA of a human A lot of types of cancers are formed with the use of tobacco Some of them are lung cancer Throat cancer blood cancer and so on There is is no safety for our life if we are using tobacco and itr does not matter even if we use Smokeless tobacco because in all the ways that is dangerous Mouth Cancer and pancreas are examples for chewing tobacco instead of smokin it Quitting smoking is the only way the way that can reduce the risk of death The other main cause of cancer in the United States is Diet The article says that there are some certain types of chemicals in red and processed meats that cause the food to be carcinogenic having the potential to form the risk of cancer in body Obesity in adults Abusive drinking of alcoholic beverages are some reasons for cancer To Avoid the risk of Cancer One should start eating healthy food like vegetables and fruits Broccoli is suggested as cure for cancer Broccoli is the powerful weapon to fight against the cancer disease It contains a nutrient compound which is called sulforaphane Sulforaphane is very effective in killing the stem cells and helps in diminishing the development or growth of cancer I studied once that broccoli sprouts are better than a absolutely boost broccoli The reason behind this is that sprouts contain more than 50 times more sulforaphane than a completely develop broccoli 

Green Tea helps in reducing risk of cancer but not black tea Most of the americans preferred black tea over green but Studies have found that green tea lower risk of breast cancer than black tea And the last but not the least important thing is that According to some studies I found consumption of beta carotene has less benefits than for those who consume placebo However I would like to add some facts which are not present in the article and should be known to everyone because these myths are destroying the mind of those people suffering from cancer and for those who botherancer patients without knowing the true facts First Eating sugar is harmful when you have cancer The answer is No However when you gain excess weight or I can say obesity then you may have an increased risk of having cancer Second people have is cell phone can cause cancer 

No Genetic mutations are cause for cancer Third Herbal products can help to prevent from cancer The answer is no but in fact some herbal can cause harmful effects so better to consult doctor Fourth Deodorants and Hair dye cause cancer The answer is no again The Things which we use in our daily lives can cause cancer For Example Air Fresheners Diet Soda Canned Food Cosmetics and so on In conclusion To Control the Cancer disease An arrangement should be done for analysis and treatment and primary objective should be to cure patients treatment program should never be produced in detachment It should be connected to an early discovery program and the goal of this should be that cancer cases are recognized at a early stage when treatment is more powerful and there is a more prominent possibility of cure It should palliative care program so patients will get satisfactory help Moreover Awareness Programme should be arranged to enlighten about the risk factors and preventive measures to patients family and our community members avoid developing cancer to elude the growth of cancer

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