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The average person sleeps anywhere between Six to seven hours a night Knowing how much he or she needs a night will help with their day that is to come after Everyone needs sleep to survive without sleep there would be so much chaos in the world Getting the right amount of sleep each day comes with a lot of benefits On the other hand not enough could affect the body in many ways Getting enough sleep is a must say experts It's that important In fact you will spend over one third of your life asleep Why During sleep your body repairs itself Also the brain releases important hormones the body's chemical messengers that help your body grow and control its use of energy Some scientists believe that during sleep your brain also somehow repairs nerve tissue Sleep refreshes you and helps you do your best Arenofsky 2004 Sleep studies have been conducted all over the world and is said to have so many benefits when he or she has enough sleep every night Sleeping will improve moods the heart will be healthier might lose weight and even could help in thinking more clearly Sleeping will also increase memory After learning new information it is important to get a good night sleep so the brain can process and recollect that information that has been learned 

How does the body know when to sleep Often referred to as the body clock the circadian rhythm is a cycle that tells our bodies when to sleep rise eat regulating many physiological processes This internal body clock is affected by environmental cues like sunlight and temperature When one s circadian rhythm is disrupted sleeping and eating patterns can run amok Psychology Today 2017 Circadian rhythms help determine our sleep patterns having a good sleep pattern is good for the body If he or she has a problem with sleeping there should be a routine put into place to normalize the sleep cycle The brain's clock helps regulate sleep patterns this clock also deals with awareness core body temperature brain activities hormone production and cell regeneration For the Sleep wake cycle it is said that seven to nine hours of sleep and 15 hours of wakefulness is ideal for most humans Throughout this process many chemicals play a factor in the body over the day When coffee is consumed it blocks adenosine receptors this helps the body fight off the urge to sleep Another chemical that plays a factor is melatonin this helps regulates the sleep wake cycle the melatonin levels rise in the body late after noon which is a main cause of being tired When the sleep cycle is all bonkers people tend to think that they have a sleeping disorder Research show that there are many people suffering from a sleeping disorder The first disorder we all know about is insomnia but there are many more out there such as Sleep related breathing disorder sleep apnea Central disorders of hypersomnolence narcolepsy circadian rhythm sleep wake disorder jet lag parasomnias REM and sleep related movement disorders Restless leg syndrome Insomnia is a repeated difficulty with sleep initiation duration consolidation or quality that occurs despite adequate opportunity and circumstances for sleep and results in some form of daytime impairment Sleep apnea is a condition in which a person stops breathing periodically during sleep 

People with narcolepsy suffer from chronic daytime sleepiness and episodes in which they fall asleep unexpectedly during the day Jet lag is a physiological condition that disrupts a person s sleep due to rapid travel across multiple time zones usually 2 or more and causes an imbalance to the traveler s circadian rhythm REM disorder occurs when the body does not become paralyzed during sleep allowing sleepers to act out their dreams Restless Leg Syndrome is a neurological disorder that is characterized by a persistent sometimes overwhelming need to move one s legs Phillips 2015 When the sleep cycle is not regulated the body tends to have problems it takes a toll on the body There are many effects that are derived from sleep deprivation not having enough sleep can cause memory issues trouble with thinking mood changes weakened immunity high blood pressure higher risk for diabetes low sex drive and even weight gain The average person should know how important a good sleep schedule is and the effects it can cause if he or she does not get enough References Arenofsky J 2004 January Are you getting enough Retrieved from https search proquest com pqrl docview 209813951 409425A25F7F4FBDPQ 1 accountid 41759 Phillips K 2015 February 4 What are the Types of Sleep Disorders A Full List of Sleep Disorders Retrieved from http www alaskasleep com blog types of sleep disorders list of sleep disorders Psychology today 2017 Circadian Rhythm Psychology Today Retrieved from https www psychologytoday com basics circadian rhythm

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