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Battle of Britain The Battle of Britain arguably one of the most important battles in World War II During the 1940's when Hitler came into power of Germany wanting to essentially take over the world and Britain being one of his main targets Hitler persuaded England to surrender not starting a war letting him take over But have to get past RAF Britain's Air Force Royal Air Force But of course Britain being hard to convince the Battle of Britain had started By late 1940 Britain England was attacked by German Air Forces The Battle of Britain was fought in air during 1940 s On July 10 1940 a German pilot Colonel Johannes Fink noticed a group of British fighter planes radioing the German base Destroy One could easily have argued saying England should've let Hitler be in power However Hitler was going to bring terrorism into England as we saw in Germany Hitler's plan was to take over the world and him bring the overall dictator Which started war between Britain and Germany By 7 September 1940 Germany heads for London Britain s largest city Alternatively this made Britain excited for the remainder of the war bringing them a shock of excitement The battle being one of the first waging wars solely in the air Germany needed to prepare to fight Britain so Germany attacked smaller towns in southern Britain However Germany's goal was to destroy Britain's Air Force bombing their airport and radar systems 

The Battle of Britain was a pivotal point in WWII when Hitler's quest for world domination was halted due to the British determination and strength From July to October 1940 is when the battle really started British airmen persistently faced down British bombers and fighter planes Germany coming in with seventy planes The Royal Air Force quickly split into their quadrants of Spitfire and Hurricane fighter planes Something different about the Battle of Britain was it wasn't a single fight It was a four month military operation against the United Kingdom the United Kingdom started Germany It was the first military operation fought entirely by air forces It was Germany's first biggest defeat in World War II One of the biggest struggles on both sides was fighting for domination over the skies of England The other biggest struggle was pilot exhaustion and personal storages on each side Being in the air made it twice as hard on the regular they have to worry about being in the air at the same time as fighting the other opponent Having shortages and exhaustion practically unacceptable due to Britain fighting for their country The main fighter planes for Germany were used in the battle were the Messerschmitt Bf109 and the Bf110 by the German Luftwaffe and the Hurricane Mk and Spitfire Mk by the Royal Air Force The Battle of Britain Germany's biggest loss in World War II Britain losing one thousand planes and Germany losing over one thousand eight hundred planes and possibly supplies Germany continuously bombed Britain at night until May 1941

Once Braden was bombed fifty seven nights times in a row this being called the blitz Towards the end Hitler essentially surrendered needing more men to invade Russia During the 1940's Britain developed a highly effective defense mechanisms Germany knowing Britain will attack started getting ready for battle So Germany started attacking smaller towns on the southern coast of Britain The Royal Air Force didn t stop attacking back Soonly enough Hitler and his Air Force the Luftwaffe started attacking larger cities including London The Buckingham palace was attacked sixteen different times Germany attacked The Buckingham palace a couple of times The first time was on September 8 1940 Germany put in 50kg delayed action high explosive bomb but landed harmlessly on British grounds Second time they tried to bomb the Buckingham palace was the following day on September 9 1940 when Germany planted the same delayed bomb but this bomb landing north western of the palace by the swimming pool However the second bomb later erupted a lot of the north wing including the swimming pool and most of the windows on the north wing the side The palace was hit it again on September 13 1940

A single German soldier precisely targeted the Buckingham palace with five highly explosive bombs Of the damage that happened was more than their previous attempts You at the Harley explosive bombs exploded the inner quadrangle The third attacked the Royal Chapel in the South Wing Leaving only two one of them being a delayed action bomb Landing in the entrance of the palace Rodeway of the gates and The Victoria memorial The bombs also burst water pipes in the quadrangle and more broken windows on the southern and western sides However in the Royal Chapel was gone Four workers injured one later dead Finally a couple of portraits damaged the carpet dusted with heavy smoke The British s defense mechanism was mostly aircraft how many mostly use bombers and fire protection The most popular British air forces were Hurricane Mk and Spitfire Mk Both single engineered aircrafts Spitfire was the most popular out of the two However Hurricanes did the most damage on Germany's side in the beginning Setup timer of both was twenty six and nine minutes the Hurricanes being faster and more efficient However the Spitfire was faster than the hurricanes in speed Germany's aircraft was Messerschmitt Bf 109 E variant Also being a Hitler was so persistent to want everything

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