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The Bill of Rights is a very powerful document which was last ratified in 1791 this document has protected us and gave us Americans the opportunity to be treated equally and made us have our voices be heard without any restrictions There are approximately 321 1 million people who currently in America and they all are protected under the Bill of Rights An organization called the Animal Legal Defense Fund has called for a petition to have an Animal Bill of Rights Ideally animals would be treated fairly at all times however having a dedicated Bill of Rights for them is just not necessary because having such a document would interfere with people's freedom and would be difficult to comply with and to enforce as Bill of Rights is meant for humans and not animals Attempting to establish Animal Bill of Rights would cause other laws to be created which would interfere with people's freedom 

In Victoria Braithwaite s article called Hooked on a Myth she states Perhaps it opens up a can of worms so to speak and begs the questions of where do we draw the line Braithwaite s brings up a great question when she talks about where humans must draw a line and really makes the audience think where is the limit between animals and humans Fish do feel pain according to Braithwaite s research but what does this exactly mean If Braithwaite s research takes place in a court which ends up banning US fishing what might happen next The implications of this are devastating Laws will be created after one another a chain reaction If fishing gets banned then maybe eating chicken might as well or having leather seats in oneś car because they come directly from the height of the cow Having these other laws would start to interfere with people's lives as they would not be allowed to eat meat and have animal skin clothing and accessories It is nearly impossible to push the line between humans and animals further and further Having a Bill of Rights for animals simply won't work rather it would interfere with our freedom making us feel like our rights are being violated There really isn't a strong reason to have a dedicated Bill of rights for animals and it's ridiculous that some people even support this idea Bill of Rights was strictly established for humans Animals were never part of the Bill of Rights because animals are just not the same as humans Jeremy Rifkin is constantly trying to persuade to us that animals are much like us humans throughout his article 

A change of Heart about Animals Rifkin ends his article by telling us about how current studies are allowing us to understand animals better and how they are much like us allowing us to expand and deepen our empathy to include the broader community of creatures with whom we share the Earth After reading Rifkin s last statement the studies do in fact help us better understand animals These studies also raise two questions which are if animals do need more rights Or do they already have too many rights and don t need more Animals just don't any more rights These studies are constantly trying to persuade the public that animals are much like humans but that does not mean they are humans Approximately 1 663 people die every year in America alone due to animals being aggressive according to CNN Animals will remain animals and just knowing that animals can't even understand the concept of rights it seems ridiculous to even go out and give them rights We need to put a stone in our hearts and accept the fact that we do eat animals and having an Animal Bill of Rights is not going to stop us from eating animals This is why having an Animals Bill of Rights would simply not work Rifkin ends his article by letting the readers decide if they want to share the earth with animals or not Humans should be knowledgeable enough to understand that we must share the earth with animals but we shouldn't create Bill of Rights for them because of it 

Approximately 1 920 animals are abused in America every year and this is just the number that is reported to the media there are several other cases of animals abuse that doesn't even get reported Animal abuse must stop as animals are very important to the human lifestyle as they help us with being our companion our workers and our resources To give back to animals we should treat them with less cruelty and should remember how they help us in our daily lives Animal Bill of Rights is just not necessary for animals as that would interfere with people's freedom and would also be difficult to enforce By simply just treating animals right we could continue to share the earth with them without having dedicated Bill of Rights for them

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