Essay Example on The black folks were in the back and the white folks were in Front








This law set aside the white folks from the blacks folks by assigning seats to specific parts of the bus The black folks were in the back and the white folks were in front And this was not just happening in buses but everywhere Everything was labeled based on the context of the person s skin And as the bus was being driven and stops were being made the seats began to full with white passengers As a result the bus was full and there were no more seats eventually the bus driver noticed what was happening and so he had stopped the bus and moved the sign a row back asking the black folks who were sitting in their seats to give it up The three other black folks agreed but I did not I had calmly refused and remained seated I knew the consequences of my action and decided to do it anyway And to be honest the racial segregation law did not give the drivers the right to make these folk move just because of their looks But Montgomery s bus drivers had gotten used to moving back the sign if it was needed which in this case of white folks it was And if the black passengers on the bus refused to get up and give up the seat the driver could call the police and they would get arrested for violating the segregation law

Which I thought was the worst case in this whole segregation law because it didn t make sense For instance try to put yourselves in that person s shoes and you got in a bus sat down and once the bus was completely full there were no more seats and you the person who was already there had to give up your seat just because of your race I started getting tired and angry with these laws labeling people based on the context of their skin and thinking that they know that person and that they re any less of a person than the white folks are I believed that it was a time for a change and I was determined to take the first step People always say that I didn t give up my seat because I was tired the only tired I was was tired of giving in I was arrested by the police for violating chapter 6 section 11 of the Montgomery code And then I was bailed out on the same day I was arrested E D Nixon head of a local chapter of the NAACP started forming a plan to put together a Boycott for Montgomery s city buses Ads were placed in the local paper and handbills were printed and were passed out in the black neighborhoods people in the African American community were asked to stay in their houses to stay off the buses in the day of my trial in protest of my arrest At the time I was arrested I had no idea it would turn into this It was just a day like any other day The only thing that made it significant was that the masses of the people joined in When I arrived at the courthouse for trial after minutes of my hearing I was found guilty by the judge of violating the Racial Segregation law The Montgomery bus boycott was a huge success and lasted longer than I imagined 

The boycott continued for months The city of Montgomery had become a victorious eyesore with dozens of public buses sitting idle ultimately severely crippling finances for its transit company With the progress of the boycott however came strong resistance Many segregationists were annoyed that the African American boycott had succeeded so well So as a result responded with violence Burning black churches to destroying homes Aiming to end the boycott In addition to that people started canceling taxi services that were used by African Americans So as a result black citizens were arrested for breaking the law that prohibited boycotting The African American community took a step and decided to combine forces with Brown Vs the Board of Education that separate policies in public education A black team took the issue of segregation on public systems to the U S district court for the middle district of Alabama My attorney filed a suit In June 1956 In addition to that the court decided racial segregation unconstitutional And it was known as the Jim crow laws And for that moment forward I Rosa Parks was forever known as Mother of the civil rights movement Like I always say Each person must live their life as a model for others And that is true legacy that's how I lived my life in order to touch others so change can be made in society

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