Essay Example on The book WONDER by R J Palacio talks about a boy named August Pullman









August was born with a deformed face and he has gone through multiple plastic surgeries He lives with his mom dad and older sister Via and a dog named Daisy His family never had an issue with how Auggie this is Augusts nickname looked However Auggie knew that other people did not feel the same way about his looks because he noticed them staring at him For a few years he was homeschooled by his mom When Auggie was about to go to fifth grade his parents decided that he should go to a school with other kids Auggie absolutely hated the idea He said he would be made fun of because of how he looked and he was not happy about having to go through that embarrassment and pain He ended up going to meet a few of the kids before the school year started in order for to get familiar with the school and interact with other kids besides his sister Via At school Auggie met three kids Their names were Jack Will Julian and Charlotte In school he became friends with Jack and Charlotte because neither of them bullied him like the rest of the kids did and Auggie really liked that They were nice to him and most importantly they talked to him He also became friends with a girl named Summer who sat at his table during lunch after seeing he was alone and felt compassionate about his situation She was very nice to him and they became very close 

They even decided to make that lunch table reserved for summer related names which created a bond between them Not everything was always great at school Auggie was still bullied by Julian and other kids though but he didn't pay much attention to it He was happy with the few true friends he had Then there was a very painful moment later on where Auggie overheard Jack Will say he would kill himself if he looked like Auggie This really hurt Auggie s feelings and made him cry That day he even decided to skip his favorite holiday Halloween and not go trick or treating Halloween was Auggie's favorite holiday because he got to cover his face with a mask and people would not make fun of him Not only did Auggie feel outcast at school and betrayed by his friends but also by his sister Via Auggie found out she was in a school play and did not tell him because she did not want anyone in her school to make fun of her brother but Auggie did not see it the same way Auggie goes through another unfortunate moment when his dog is very sick and they have to put her down This situation made Auggie and his family forget about the other problems such as being mad at each other or how hard school was for both of their children and put family and love first They show us that the Pullman family was very strong and united in heart In the book there is another unfortunate situation that starts changing things for better It takes place at the camp when Jack and Auggie who in the meantime reconciled decided to walk around looking for a place as Jack did not want to watch the movie the other kids were watching at camp 

While walking out of the camp grounds they encounter three seventh graders that made fun of Auggie Jack was very displeased by their attitude and what they said to Auggie Jack stood up for his friend and told the seventh graders to leave him alone but he got pushed to the ground In an attempt to do the same for his friend Auggie stands up to defend Jack and ends up being pushed to the ground as well Surprisingly three other kids from camp who in school used to bully him appeared in the middle of the dispute and unexpectedly helped Jack and Auggie and started fighting the seventh graders while Jack and Auggie got back on their feet and manage to run away After this incident Auggie notices that other kids want to be his friends He began to feel accepted At the end Auggie started to like going to school with other kids Things began to look better for him He even got an award for lifting up most hearts I really enjoyed the book It shows the reader that we can overcome our fears no matter how many times we fall and that a beautiful heart is way more valuable than a beautiful face Through Auggie s experiences I learned that true friendships last even after huge downfalls or bitter moments we just have to keep on fighting and be brave for whatever challenges life puts on our path While I was reading this book the movie Wonder came out and I went to watch it I noticed some differences between the book and the movie but they were minor and really didn't change the core of the story which I liked very much because it did not confuse me I don't have a favorite between the two they were both just as good

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