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Research Paper Period The brain is the most complex organ in the body controlling all of people's thoughts actions and memories Using their brain people take tests walk around their house and school call their best friend and know how to read a book These everyday tasks are controlled by memory Memory is very important for the human body especially for test taking But have people ever wondered about memory Maybe how it is affected by different conditions How does it work Does flavor have impact Or maybe flavored gum The hippocampus is in the cerebrum in the brain The hippocampus is responsible for all memories If a person's hippocampus is damaged they can t remember long term memories When people learn new information they remember it for either a long or a short time These are called long and short term memories 

The hippocampus helps transfer short to long term memories long to short term memories or just any memory into long or short term Memories are found in stages first short than long Memories are only in the short term stage for a few minutes Then they go to the long term stage for permanent placement Long term memories can be remembered for hours weeks or even years Long memories are formed through repetition If you retrieve the information many times it will be permanently placed in the long term stage When you study you have to go over the information a few times before taking a test because people want to permanently remember the information There are three steps in the remembering process encoding storage and retrieval When you take a test you use the retrieval process The retrieval process is also called recognition The retrieval process is where the brain uses information it hasn t used in a few hours then uses it The retrieval process is used during multiple choice questions on a test Studies show that the reason people do better on multiple choice is because it is easier to recognize information than recall The reason people believe that gum helps you do better on tests is because gum creates a chewing motion The chewing motion creates a blood flow in the body thinking that the person is about to eat When your blood flow is in the brain you receive more nutrients Having nutrients in your brain helps you think clearer The chewing motion also makes the human body hungry When a human is hungry they are more alert and when a person is more alert that person will think better

The chewing motion also allows insulin production to occur The insulin receptors are in the hippocampus When insulin is released in the hippocampus brain cells absorb more blood sugar to help you remember information better Nerve cells and neurons send information to the nervous system Brain neurons make remembering possible for humans The cell that gives support for neurons and the nervous system are gila cells Gila cells carry nutrients for neurons giving neurons support The brain is connected with the body's central nervous system The nervous system gets information from nerve cells or neurons When your learn something new your nervous system is changing Scientists don't know the exact way memories are formed but have come up with theories One theory is that connections between the brain's nerve cells are changed in some way when you remember things Neurons receive signals from other neurons that control memories Another theory is that whenever you learn something new a unique flash signals neurons in some way the connections between the neurons translate memories Memories don't just stay in the brain if you don't use them often If memories are really formed by connections then the connections must have weakened over time when a person forgets something Another forgetting theory is that the retrieval process in the brain failed If you are taking a test and can t remember the information the retrieval process has failed Memories also play tricks on the body Memories from the past may only include small amounts of detail Because you have many memories memories from the past may become mixed up in the brain People may wonder how the whole body remembers the same memory Well nerve cell communication explains it all 

The brain has many different cells working around it Brain neurons send messages to the spinal cord The spinal cord relays messages to muscles and nerves telling them what to do As people can tell the brain is very complex Cells are helping the human body remember information every second of everyday Memories can be affected by gum because of the chewing motion and the flavor The chewing motion helps your brain become more alert The flavor helps because the mint flavor makes your stomach calm When people are calm they can remember information easier Test taking can be stressful but now people know some tricks and tips on how to be successful and how to not forget the information and don t forget

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