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The career that I chose to research is aeronautical engineering which is the practice of fixing creating and innovating in the aviation field This career is not a physically demanding occupation like most other jobs but rather a mentally demanding job This occupation requires an open mindset self drive and attention to detail The aeronautical engineer field is a promising life long career A couple requirements for youtube eligible to be hired is that you must acquire a bachelor's degree in aeronautical engineering and internship in that field In the article from study com which is titled Aeronautical Engineer Educational Requirements states that one of the closest occupations to aeronautical engineering is aerospace engineering Aerospace engineering is the field of study in which those in that occupation develop produce and innovate on mechanical devices that are sent into space Although these fields are fairly different they share some similarities like how your need a bachelor's degree or higher have a will to get through problems and many many more Aeronautical and aerospace engineers account for a very large number in the american workforce According to the article Aerospace Engineer by the U S Bureau of Labor Statistics aerospace engineers hold about 72 000 jobs in the United States Christian

2 The jobs that are within these fields are on a development team assembly line managers and a few other Although these jobs tasks very widely each one is no more important than the other It is like a car some parts might seem more important than the others but they need each other to perform correctly For example if you ask someone what the most important piece of a car is they would say the steering wheel but if you do not have the wheels or the engine the car will not work Location is another key factor in choosing a profession According to the U S Bureau of Labor Statistics there is a Lockheed Martin in White Settlement which is only about twenty minutes The convenience that the close location is amazing The convenience of having a job that is close to where my family lives and where i grew up would be a great thing for many reasons Something that would also be nice is the money that would be saved by the short drive After reading reviews from workers at NASA on indeeds website i have learned that aeronautical engineers need a special set of personal skills People who work at NASA have stated that one of the hardest things about working in the aeronautical field is the speed at which the field progresses A couple things that can help is a strong will to overcome obstacles and by thinking outside the box When you get into this field you step into a field in which all those in this field have a higher intellect that most and in fact you must have a bachelor degree or higher to even obtain job in this field To get into a college with an aeronautical engineer program is difficult enough but after obtaining your degree you are not necessarily guaranteed a job in your desired field Hiring individuals is based upon a need for more employees Christian 3 

Although you are constantly working on airplanes in the field of aeronautical engineering that does not mean that you will travel Some employees higher up on the totem get the privilege of flying places even sometimes overseas When they travel they will not be taking a joyride or a test flight but rather to set up deals or negotiate terms of a deal In an article from aerospace titled Life at Aerospace it states that the promotions are based upon how long one works at the given company and the need for an employee in that particular position So going with the length of time that you have work is your vacation time Vacation time is mostly based upon the length of time you have been an employee but the higher up in the chain of command you are in turn the more time you will recieve of vacation time Most of the companies will let your vacation days carry over until a certain point in which you will start to lose them While all of these facts and information are important none of them match up to the most important fact The fact that is one of the sole reasons that you are working which is salary What your livelihood is based on is how much money you make How much money you make will closely reflect the style of life that you will be able to like 147 810 per year or 71 06 per hour is one of the top paying jobs while the starting salary is 96 740 per year or 46 51 per hour chron Aeronautical engineering is one of the highest paying engineering jobs in the country

 The starting wage for an aeronautical engineer is six and a half times more than the United States of America minimum set wage and later on nearly ten times the minimum wage In addition to needing a bachelor's degree to make all that money you will need an internship or a prior engineering work in order to be hired as an aeronautical engineer Christian 4 In conclusion this job was everything that i thought it was going to be and even more By researching this job i have learned valuable facts that have helped me confirm my thoughts about this field Throughout researching and writing about this profession it only increased my eagerness to get into this field With the money perks and self allocation the study of this job only confirmed my prior thoughts about joining this profession

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