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Article Title The causes of workplace accidents and their relation to construction equipment design Authors Bianca Vasconcelos Béda Barkokébas Junior Date Published 2015 Introduction The persistent repetition of accidents in the construction industry is quite alarming and this results in both long term and short term effects on the workers organization society etc and in the process has raised concern in occupational safety and health of workers Construction industry is such an industry that contributes largely to the economy of a country especially for most industrialized countries This implies that it attracts a large volume of workforce which are its human resources However there are claiming impact on the health and safety of workers with each worker carrying out different task and each task with its associated risk United states record of 296 fatal accident reports from OSHA has accident recorded from task related to excavation operations from 1997 to 2001 Several models are being considered by different school of thought after examining records and analyzing accidents for different countries so as to prevent the accident Authors also proposed that there are several factors involved in the main types of work drainage tunneling installation earthwork paving and structures and they go a long way in helping in identifying and responding to accidents and mitigation road accidents It is therefore becomes a culture to analyse accident as a tool for prevention given the importance of knowledge of causal factors of these events for effective prevention and risk management

So much risk looms at every corner of the construction industry which makes it an unsafe industry On records a lot of accidents have occurred over time and the degree of safety in this sector is not just associated to a single accident but by a cumulative of so many accidents and the knowledge of these accidents over time is needed to prevent future accidents by merely studying trends Australia recorded a range of project issues related to fatal accidents mostly due to moving parts on protective structures or those with seat belts inadequate guardrails lack of residual current circuit breakers inadequate protection against falls and so on There is need to investigate every possibility of accidents in order to prevent them Why I chose this article The construction industry happens to be one of the largest industries worldwide With expenditures reaching over 1 162 billion U S dollars the united states are one of the largest construction market worldwide Laporte n d This shows that the economy is good with construction and will definite attract so many workforces The influx of workers into the industry would be a combination of both skilled and unskilled labor forces and this is an indication that the sector has to deal with a lot of challenges curbing accident and ensuring loss prevention to lives of workers through training education provision of personal protective equipment engineering and re engineering of parts Significance of the Article to Health Safety and Environment According to the author accident analysis of construction sites puts into consideration the characterization of the site description of the accident site and the equipment involved the report of the accident and a likely description of the accident followed by recommendation and solution to prevent future occurrence This study is quite significant to health safety and environment in that it combines training and education in exposing readers to the different sites within the construction industry where accident occurs and how to prevent a recurrence by having a knowledge of it Bianca and Beda 2015 chose a case study of the construction site of a shopping center in Recife Brazil undertaken from 2010 to 2012

With area of 295000 square meter there were about 6924 employees and a sum of 409 companies providing services The workforce also involved safety engineer safety specialists occupational physicians nurses and management system for health and safety at site On record there were two accidents in October 2010 at the foundational stage as it involved demolition and recycling activities of the construction and were termed fatal The accident occurred in the area involved in collection and notably crushing of materials which is very sensitive area of accident control The victim was crouched while forcibly resting one foot against one of the trestles a machine part being used and leaning on the other trestle This resulted in the loose parts falling on him when he lost his balance fell backward and in the process of staggering he pulled the other trestle about 300kg in mass and this crushed his face The other workers had also been crouching down whilst helping the man erect the trestles The takeaways from this is that the equipment to be used must be stable there was inadequate guidelines from the manufacturer regarding the use of that machine parts and there it was reported that the users did not receive formal training on the machine usage inappropriate operating procedure and so there is need to have rigid support proper training development of specific operating procedures in order to avoid the accident in the future Reference Laporte J n d Topic Construction Industry www statista com www statista com topics 974 construction

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