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After decades of incidents including murders and suicides the Cecil Hotel continues to gain popularity to this day Ever since the State of California turned the Cecil into a homeless shelter The hotel had many changes which later affected how it earned its reputation Skid Row was a major influence that involved drugs and gangs The Cecil hotel had been in the wrong place at the wrong time as it went through the years The Cecil has loomed over the drifters drug addicts down and out on Skid Row Molly 90 Most involving drugs and prostitution Bloomekatz 1 This was affecting the hotel as Skid Row is a dumping ground for the state of California the prison system the mental health system Holland AA 1 Its was providing care for chronically homeless and mentally ill people Holland AA 1 There were many things happening in Skid Row as it was a hive of substance abusers and drug dealers Holland AA 1 As in the early forties the Cecil was one of the first public meeting places for Alcoholics Anonymous Bloomekatz 1 As the days at the Cecil went on Capt Jodi Wakefield of the LAPD s Central Division remembers that when she began her job three years ago there were frequent calls to the Cecil Bloomekatz 1 

Skid Row was a place where the wealthy came but when the great depression hit it changed the wealthy abandoned downtown during the depression the Cecil and others like it became residential hotels Bloomekatz 1 The Cecil had suffered a sharp decline in fortunes as a result of the great depression Mulvhil 2 As Skid Row is part of downtown Los Angeles the Cecil had been affected throughout the decades of misfortune Therefore the Cecil has changed throughout the decades but still has its ups and downs The once Cecil hotel now rebranded as Stay On Main Romero 1 Now rebranded as Stay on Main was bought by Richard Born a Queens native who purchased the hotel in 2014 for thirty million dollars Molly 90 Stay on Main hotel aka the Cecil currently operates as a 600 room budget hotel Molly 90 As a result the rooms usually cost fifty to sixty dollars a night Bloomekatz 1 Additionally you can also get larger suites that can cost about a hundred dollars a night Bloomekatz 1 Many changes have occurred turning it into a mix of boutique hotel accomodation and longer stay micro apartments Mulvhil 2 It was undergoing a major renovation under the auspices of Simon Baron Development Mulvhil 2 Skid Row s reputation was changing in the hotel as they removed the fuzzy bulletproof glass from check in window Bloomekatz 1 Trendy new interiors and the addition of a rooftop pool fitness club and lounge Mulvhil 2 As the hotel was in a bid to preserve its distinctive 1920 s style Mulvhil 2 During that time the hotel has been granted historic status by Los Angeles City Council Mulvhil 2 In the process of it was to preserve its art deco style Mulvhil 2 

At the time at the renovation the website booking com gives the Cecil two stars Bloomekatz 1 Abounding with suicides and murders the hotel has had many throughout the decades It all started in 1924 when William Banks Hanner opens the Cecil Hotel at 640 S Main Street as a destination for traveling businessmen and tourists Molly 90 That all changed when seven years after on November 1931 the Cecil had its first recorded suicide W K Norton was discovered dead in his room Molly 90 It has gained infamy for the litany of murders that have occured there throughout its ninety three year history Mulvhil 2 On October 1954 Helen Gurnee jumps from a seventh story window and falling to her death atop the Cecil s marquee Molly 90 They also had another two women Pauline Otton and Julia Moore Pauline Otton jumped from the ninth floor after an argument with her estranged husband Romero 1 Julia Moore jumped from her eight floor window on February 11 1962 Romero 1 As two years pass another death was found on June 1964 the body of Pigeon Goldie Osgood a pershing square fixture is found raped stabbed and strangled inside the hotel room she was living in long term and her killer was never caught Molly 90 By February 2013 it seemed to have infected the hotel s very infrastructure The water ran a bilious shade of black before turning clear and even then had a pungent tangy taste to it Molly 90 In one of the four eight foot tall cisterns was discovered a naked bloated body of a young woman Molly 90 Guests drank and bathed in water contaminated by Lam s corpse for as long as nineteen days Molly 90 The Cecil was home of serial killers Jack Unterweger and Richard Night Stalker Ramirez Bloomekatz 1 Both Richard and Jack remained at the hotel and went unnoticed as they slayed their victims Romero 1 Richard was a satanist whose two year killing spree took the lives of at least thirteen Molly 90 Richard Jack and many killers who may have

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