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Bullying is a misuse of Power

Bullying Bullying is a misuse of power through repeated verbal physical and social behavior that causes physical and psychological harm Bullying can happen in person or online Bullying involves two people a bully and a victim A bully is responsible for bullying Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior using force to affect others Bullying is a pattern of humiliating others Bullying is based on imbalance of power Any form of aggressive behavior that is repeated intended to cause harm and characterized by an imbalance of power and is hidden out of sight of or unacknowledged by adults Covert bullying includes behaviors linked to social aggression relational aggression and indirect aggression including bullying by means of technology where the bullying behavior is either unwitnessed or not addressed by an adult Cross et al 2009 p 22 Verbal bullying which includes name calling or insulting someone about physical characteristics such as their weight or height or other attributes including race sexuality culture or religion Physical bullying which includes hitting or hurting someone or damaging or stealing their belongings Social bullying which includes consistently excluding another person or sharing information or images that will have a harmful effect on the other person Cyber bullying

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