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The children acts 1989 and 2004 In 1989 the children act made it clear to all care workers that they had to make effective decisions that will affect the needs of the child Most importantly the care workers will have to see to the needs of the children The local authorities will also be involved in making sure they provide the correct services to make sure the children who are identified as being at risk get their needs meet to a high standard of care The local authority will get a referral once a referral has been made they will have to deal with this issue quickly and effectively to make sure that they have taken the right action to help the child They will decided within one day whether or not they should take action if the concern is extremely serious they will have to carry out an initial assessment within a week A child can be classed as a child in need if they are incapable to reach a standard of health development without the support from appropriate services If they are likely to be significantly impaired or further impaired without the support from appropriate services or if they are disabled they also will be considered to be a child in need

The 2004 act is there to help improve the lives of all the children who are receiving informal or professional care It covers all different types or services provided for children such as primary schools secondary schools day care and children's homes as well as health care services The care services will need to work collaboratively so they can provided the best support for the child There is a national safeguarding initiative for children it s called every child matter s When someone works with children between the ages of 0 18 they have to make sure that safeguarding remains their key priority You will now have to submit a background check by the criminal records bureau if you want to work or volunteer with children young people and vulnerable adults The children act 2004 is there to ensure that the right care and support is provided for the children The principles states that every child should be healthy to be safe at all times no matter where they are to ensure that all children enjoy their life allow all children to succeed by providing the right support to allow them to do so and have a strong positive impact of the children s lives and lastly make sure to create stability for the Childs future Disability discrimination act 1995 and 2005

The disability discrimination act came out in 1995 and was amended in 2005 they are there to safeguard the rights of disabled people The act is there to prevent disabled people suffering with unfair treatment in employment those who suffer with the provision of goods and services and for disabled people who can t access the same education or transport services The aim of the disability discrimination act is so disabled people can get the same equal opportunities as non disabled people this means that traders transport employers and education providers help to make the reasonable adjustment required by the disabled user so they can access the premises and services Employers and services need to adjust to make reasonable changes for a disabled user especially if they have employed them if they don t make the correct changes to suit the disabled user they would be at a big disadvantage to the other non disabled person You can make reasonable changes to building by adding a ramp to increase accessibility you could also include lifts and automatic doors If you really wanted to make the disabled user feel welcomed in work place environment or in any type of services you could provide a disability awareness training for all the staff and yourself

There are a number of impairments that can be a qualifying disability the qualifying disabilities are cancer multiple sclerosis and HIV infection You can deem these qualifying disabilities from the point in time that a person develops one or from the time they notice they have one of the listed impairments There are also a few that will not qualify as a disability these are visual impairments that can be correct if they user wears eye glasses or contact lenses they might suffer with hay fever have an addiction to alcohol nicotine or drugs Drugs might be a qualify impairment only if they have been properly prescribed medications The disability discrimination act legislation extended in 2005 so that the equality and human rights commission will help individuals to support their rights The act protects four main areas employment housing transport and education An employer cannot treat a person with a disability less favourably compared to someone without a disability they are both entitled to the same things 

There are many influences of a recent or emerging national policy development concerning anti discriminatory practice Lifts are accessible for disabled people usually for those in a wheel chair and for people who are not able to climb any flights of stairs Ramps are also available for people to access the building or the service such as a transport service Transport services like the bus can lower the front of the bus and provide a ramp to make it easier for a disabled user to get on the bus there is also a location on the bus for disabled people and this is located towards the front of the bus Every building has to have wide doors so that there is room for a wheelchair user to fit through the entrance Libraries also have to make sure that their aisles are wide enough for wheelchair users There are also disabled toilet facilities everywhere so that everyone can have access to toilets with the right space needed

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