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Bay Path University Professor Pittsburgh The city of Pittsburgh has been through economic booms downfalls and renaissances in its 259 years It has contributed to many historical events such as the French and Indian War and the Civil War Today Pittsburgh is rebuilding itself as a center for research Located at 40 4N 79 9W Pittsburgh sits in between three rivers The Ohio The Allegheny and The Monongahela To navigate into the city from the surrounding suburbs there are bridges to cross each of these waterways giving the city its nickname The City of Bridges Pittsburgh is the second largest city in Pennsylvania and is found on the state s western side bordering Ohio Pittsburgh was officially founded in 1758 but it was held by Native American tribes long before The Shawnee Seneca and Lenape were the three most prominent tribes in the area It was recently found that Meadowcroft an area to the southwest of the city contained artifacts of the oldest documented humans in North America Meadowcroft These people had settled because they recognized how influential the three rivers would be for trade and natural resources This also attracted the attention of both the French and British who were fighting to take hold of the Ohio River In 1758 after a treaty was signed that ended the French and Indian War the British built Fort Pitt on the former site of Fort Duquesne naming it in honor of William Pitt their Prime Minister 

A Brief History of Pittsburgh After the treaty had been signed the land belonged to the British The men that had fought with the British during the war had remained in the area and started a colony of skilled workers In its hay day Pittsburgh was a major steel city During the big Industrialization boom in the 1800s Pittsburgh manufactured much of the growing nation s steel used for buildings and railroads This was due to the area s massive coal deposits Pittsburgh would have been like New York City is today vastly growing and wealthy During this time well know n industrialists such as George Westinghouse H J Heinz Andrew Mellon and Charles M Schwab made their fortunes in Pittsburgh A Brief History of Pittsburgh In the 1970s and 80s the steel industry collapsed and Pittsburgh was forced to find other means to compete in the ever changing economic landscape Now Pittsburgh is known as an education and medical research center with schools like Pittsburgh University and the Carnegie Mellon Centers Pittsburgh is made up of many neighborhoods and the city proper Places like Oakland located to the east of downtown is home to the University of Pittsburgh Carnegie Museums and the Stephen Foster Memorial Museum Oakland It is seen as a cultural and intellectually stimulating area of Pittsburgh Travel a little further outside of the downtown area and there is the Pittsburgh Countryside The Countryside has places such as Evans City the home of the late George A Romero and where he filmed his original Night of the Living Dead film Pittsburgh has its own dialect Also known as Pittsburghese many people from Pittsburgh speak with a certain accent similar southern accents in the South or the Boston accent around Massachusetts Most notable in Pittsburghese is the use of the word yinz It is similar to that of the word Y all but specific to the Western Pennsylvania area Pittsburgh has been heavily influenced by the European immigrants that called it home and many foods that are eaten there reflect that 

A common Pittsburgh food is the pierogi a polish noodle stuffed with mashed potatoes cheese or sauerkraut these are typically served with kielbasa or ham Then there are the foods native to Pittsburgh like Pirmanti Brothers Sandwiches a stacked hearty sandwich served with a vinegar based coleslaw and french fries inside Other foods born in Pittsburgh are Yuengling Beer and the Klondike Bar Today Pittsburgh is slowly becoming the city it used to be but it is unlikely that it will ever be what it once was Certain areas closer to the city proper are still desirable today however for many blue collar workers like those who helped put Pittsburgh on the map so many years ago cannot find jobs This fact with the added opioid epidemic sweeping the Mid Western United States Pittsburgh is struggling to compete with other major cities The Pittsburgh area also has a violent crime rate more than double that of the United States average Pittsburgh Pittsburgh has had its ups and downs just as every other major city but Pittsburgh is its own unique little world Pittsburgh is a city that was built by blue collar hard working individuals Today it is becoming an economically intellectual city in an attempt to restore itself to its former glory Pittsburgh is and will always be a hardworking city References A Brief History of Pittsburgh Popular Pittsburgh 27 Dec 2017 popular pittsburgh com history pittsburgh Oakland Pittsburgh Neighborhoods Explore the City s Regions Cultures Pittsburgh PA Visit Pittsburgh www visitpittsburgh com neighborhoods oakland Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Crime Rates and Statistics NeighborhoodScout www neighborhoodscout com pa pittsburgh crime Visit Meadowcroft Rockshelter and Historic Village Meadowcroft www heinzhistorycenter org meadowcroft visit

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