Essay Example on The continuous usage of drugs and substance creates a disorder that affects the brain of an individual









The continuous usage of drugs and substance creates a disorder that affects the brain of an individual Therefore drug abuse is characterized by an inability of a person to regulate drug usage which might be legal or illegal In the book The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic by Sam Quinones addiction of drugs is explained as a form of pain which drives someone to seek relief from relatives and friends who are dealing with a similar fallout It has also been explained as hunger for drug dealers and corporations on the narco world with the combinations of crusaders who aim at stopping tragedies caused by the addictions on humans Hence this paper will explain the causes of drug addiction as illustrated in the book dreamland by Quinones Sam The book is based on his findings resulting from an investigation on the distribution of heroin in America Research conducted by Sam revealed that around three hundred thousand Americans are addicted to the usage of heroin The continuous usage of the drug has resulted to tripling of the death cases caused by drug overdose The number of prescribed painkillers sold in America has increased times four since 1999 The increased rate of purchase is supported by heroin user who is addicted to the painkillers Reports that have been established reveal that every three out of four new users of heroin have taken painkillers against the provided prescriptions 

Addiction based on the use of heroin was supposed to be a remedy for chronic pain which difficult for doctors to control Accidental deaths are caused by drug overdose in the United States since 2012 In the book Sam says I noticed there were a series of deaths from black tar heroin in West Virginia Sam 9 The book written by Sam tends to trace the history of addiction to opiate and how it gets distributed throughout the nation in Dreamland made easy work of a landscape stripped of any communal girding Sam 9 It explains that the epidemic of opiate addiction resulted from multiple factors that not related to each other The bringing together of the unrelated factors assisted Quinones in deriving a narrative on addiction In this context he mentions about the sources of drugs which include pharmaceutical laboratories The drugs are then distributed through the West Virginia trailer parks and spread to Northwestern Mexico From this point they are transferred through Portsmouth s Rust Belt town and Ohio successfully The history of the drug manufacturing was meant to treat chronic pain which seemed expensive due to the series of counseling and physical therapy the patients were enrolled to

Before the doctors did thorough testing hooked up patients and fit individuals tried the drug with the eagerness of observing the reaction of the oxycontin component in the drug Successful selling of the pills began as a potential business opportunity for retirees to increase their pension income With increased scams of trading the drug it multiplied The high demand and supply rate resulted in addiction due to increased and continuous consumption of opiate The book also narrates business network of heroin established by Xalisco boys referred to as retail system Sam 9 They comprise of criminal geniuses and business paragons from Northwest Mexico in a region where poppy grows In this area easily made cheap and potent heroin is manufactured Cases of diluting the products rarely take place since the dealers are highly paid Hence they do not have intentions of maximizing sales To escape the police attention the dealers avoid violence as much as possible Also it is rare to find large quantities of heroin in a single location The dealers have also secured their customer services of purchase and delivery where the customer is treated with all due respect Like a pizza delivery service Sam 9 The sale of heroin is favored by seeking market sources with no competitors hence making maximum profits in a short period

The market targets are for the idle and unemployed individuals who provoke their harsh situation through drug influence shape shifted into lying thieving slaves to an unseen molecule In the book the causes of addiction can be traced from the long term use of opioid as a remedy for chronic pain Eventually the painkillers turn into a drug and addiction becomes one of its significant side effects Promotion of the drug as an over the counter drug made it easier for patients and nonpatients to access the drug easily thus promoting drug addiction From the book we can easily identify that drug overdose is another factor that promotes drug addiction Sam says you cannot recreationally use opiates you will get addicted Sam 9 Patients might fail to take in the medicine as prescribed by the doctor or pharmacist While drug intake exceeds the recommended limit spectacular results that are beyond the healing function of the drug might be experienced Marketing of drugs has also played a key role in causing drug addiction In the book Sam explains that pharmaceutical companies employed a lot of resources regarding funds and time to convince the health care providers that oxycontin was the only remaining option of relieving chronic pain Other methods of treatment such as therapy were expensive and less effective Sam says pharmaceuticals spent millions of dollars convincing doctors that oxycontin was safe Sam 9

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