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The Diary of Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl is a series of diary entries that describe the events that a girl named Anne Frank lived through This diary is one of the most famous and influential books that was introduced It was written by a young Jewish girl named Anne Frank who describes her time hiding in a secret bunker with her family Eventually the bunker gets raided and the families are brought to concentration camps This diary took place in the Secret Annex located in Amsterdam The Secret Annex was a shelter Anne s family and friends used to hide in While hiding in the bunker Anne created a lot of memories with her friends and family She shared the bunker with another family known as the Van Daans and a dentist named Fritz Pfeffer who was known as Mr Dussel The Van Daans consist of a mother father and a son known as Mrs Van Daan Mr Van Daan and Peter Van Daan The time period the Diary was written was during World War Two which is the second world war This event lasted around 6 years in the years of 1939 1945 In World War Two the Allies United States Soviet Union Great Britain France and China and the Axis Powers Germany Italy

Japan fought against each other The war started when the dictator of Germany Adolf Hitler wanted to invade Poland News about this spread around and Poland was now protected by the military of France and Great Britain Even though Poland was protected Hitler still wanted to invade it Before Hitler invaded Poland he made a treaty with the Soviet Union to make sure they resist the invasion After the treaty was made Germany invaded Poland and took it over Germany taking over Poland caused Britain and France to declare war thus World War Two started 

The bunker played an important role for Anne it was a place where she found who she was She experienced many changes and feelings there including love misery and anger most of these emotions were directed to other people For example while hiding in the bunker Anne began to fall in love with Peter Van Daan She said that Peter understood her and she feels happier around him When she had first met Peter Anne thought that he was really shy and would be boring eventually she grew to like him Anne Frank is a young Jewish girl who had to go into hiding with her family a dentist and the Van Daans because of the Nazis

Before the war started Anne lived a carefree life along with her sister Margot and her parents She was extremely spoiled and had lots of friends Sadly when Hitler rose to power the family s carefree life ended Anne is a confident young girl who isn t afraid to speak her mind She is known to be ignorant by her peers and is usually compared to with her sister Margot but she knows she is smart on the inside Anne prefers to solve her problems by thinking about it on her own time or writing about it she doesn t really rely on her family to help her with her problems She had a good relationship with her mother but she is not as close to her mother like her sister Margot is As time progressed she grows up to become a little more mature and is more aware of her surroundings She always talks about how she is suffering and how the adults expect her to deal with their rants This could be a reason why Anne prefers to write about her problems Margot is the eldest daughter of the family and is the opposite of Anne She is more quiet and well behaved than Anne who is a little more attention seeking Margot and her mother have an extremely close relationship with each other When Margot had troubles she prefers to receive help c The Diary of a Young Girl was an interesting book It showed events through the eyes of a 13 15 year old girl Since Anne was close to my age the book was more relatable being able to relate to the book brought it to my liking Even though Anne was 13 15 her writing style made this book very funny as well She would say her thoughts which are hilarious because it's very relatable

The only problem the book had was that it was very repeating Anne kept talking about the same problems over and over again After quite some time it became a little irritating For example she would always stress about being treated like a baby she talked about it for almost one fourth of the book Overall The Diary of a Young Girl was a relatable and enjoyable book besides the repetition Works Cited Frank Anne Anne Frank the Diary of a Young Girl W Ross Macdonald School Resource Services Library 2016 Frank Anne Anne Frank the Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank the Diary of a Young Girl W Ross Macdonald School Resource Services Library 2016 pp 269 283 Royde Smith John Graham and Thomas A Hughes World War II Encyclopædia Britannica Encyclopædia Britannica Inc 17 Oct 2017 www britannica com event World War II

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