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Introduction The election should conduct properly for each and every candidate for a democratic country In a democratic country one who chooses his own leader candidate to represent the group of society for their well being In order to provide the supply and solving the problem and maintaining the people of the society country and ensure their well being The elections can be conducted by the government they should stand equally to every citizen in a country The people must have the freedom to vote for the rightful candidate In some occasions the elections are cheated illegally used to vote for the wrong candidate In old ages people vote for the leaders to represent them for their own goods After that voting by papers created by the group of people After the electronic age the electronic voting machine came process the vote in order to save the paper and more data can be stored in the one single voting machine but there is a possibility to hack that machine In this paper we are going to implement biometric authentication using fingerprint scanner and iris scanner Aadhar card is a unique ID for each and every person in India It provides the databases which store the unique fingerprint pattern and Iris Images And we are going to access the databases from UIDAI unique identification authority of India which manages and maintains biometrics 

This paper changes the process of voting in India and It will be one of the secure and safe voting processes in the world During the election one must bring their Aadhar card to vote and avoids the other type of verification A person who is to vote for the election needs to scan their Aadhar Card which brings the specific database it contains biometrics and personal details of a particular person and it verifies person for eligibility and the person must verify the fingerprint pattern and Iris Images through the specific scanner This thesis presents that a property based method is the best start towards a fully justified voting system First we look at a specific approach to minimize privacy vulnerabilities in a range of voting approaches We implement our approach in a prototype voting system The componentized design of the voting system makes it vulnerable to easily validate security aspects 1 1 Traditional Voting Process The traditional voting process can be divided into different phases 1 Authentication By showing his or her voting card the voter can authenticate himself or herself this step is publicly verified by the presiding officers and gives ballot paper to voters to cast his or her vote 2 Voting The voter cast their valuable vote by writing it on the paper ballot folds it and put into the box The voting takes place in the protected booths where the voter cannot be seen by any others 3 Vote counting At the end of the voting process the protected ballot boxes are collected by officials which containing all the votes and submits it to the vote counting centers

After that with the help of members of the election committee nominated by election commission of India the ballot boxes are opened and votes are counted and the results are then announced 1 2 Requirement of E Voting The requirement in the traditional voting process is also applicable for e voting and some of them are mentioned below 1 Fairness No person can learn the voting outcomes before the tally 2 Eligibility Only eligible voters are allowed to cast their vote 3 Uniqueness No voter is allowed to cast their vote more than once 4 Privacy No person can access the information about the voters vote 5 Accuracy All the valid votes should be counted correctly 6 Efficiency The counting of votes can be performed within a minimum amount of time 1 3 Biometric Authentication Fingerprint matching and Iris matching is most popular and reliable biometric techniques used in automatic personal identification There are two main stages of the use of fingerprints and iris authentication fingerprint and iris verification While the goal of fingerprint and iris verification is to verifies the identity of a person the goal of fingerprint and iris identification is to establish the identity of a person In our biometric recognition system the biometric template is usually taken from UIDAI unique identification authority of India which manages and maintains 

Aadhar ID and person biometric details like a fingerprint and iris pattern The candidate biometric template captured by the biometric device and processing and matching steps are performed The objective of voting is to allow voters to exercise their right to express their choices regarding specific issues pieces of legislation citizen initiatives constitutional amendments recall and or to choose their government and political representatives Technology is being used more and more as a tool to assist voters to cast their votes To allow the exercise of this right almost all voting systems around the world include the following steps Voter identification and authentication Voting and recording of votes cast Publication of election results Voter identification is required during two phases of the electoral process first for voter registration in order to establish the right to vote and afterward at voting time to allow a citizen to exercise their right to vote by verifying if the person satisfies all the requirements needed to vote authentication The field of biometrics was formed and has since expanded on too many types of physical identification Still the human fingerprint remains a very common identifier and the biometric method of choice among law enforcement These concepts of human identification have to lead to the development of fingerprint scanners that serve to quickly identify individuals and assign access privileges Fingerprinting recognition the electronic methods of recording and recognizing an individual fingerprint advanced substantially during the last decade of the 21st century Today identification can be achieved in a few seconds with reasonable accuracy

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