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The Emancipation Proclamation was an executive order issued by Abraham Lincoln on January 1 1863 It proclaimed the freedom of slaves in the eleven Confederate states that were still in rebellion It also ordered that freed slaves could be enlisted in the Union Army increasing the Union s available manpower This was an important moment because it helped start the steps towards abolishing slavery it also granted citizenship to ex slaves though the proclamation didn t outlaw slaves or free them from the Union states that still allowed it This document created a huge social impact making an even more segregated North and South with their diverse point of views These groups had strong opinions such as the Southerners claims about them knowing all along that Abraham Lincoln was an abolitionist and had feared that the Proclamation would touch off a series of slave rebellions While Northerners agreed with Lincoln that emancipation was just repayment for the wrongdoing of slavery There were many reactions towards the proclamation either positive or negative opinions surrounded it With these reactions it set forth how society view slavery and what their stand point was on the issue The Emancipation Proclamation was controversial document that set the future and provided an obligation to ending slavery The document promoted this image of reestablishing a unified nation a goal that showed the importance of creating a better

America What was the North s attitude towards the proclamation Many of them believed that The Proclamation was an important turning point in history of the war Most of the abolitionist were from the North as well But there were some northerners who were known as copperheads who opposed the Civil War They were often immigrants and tended to support slavery Many Copperheads were afraid that free slaves would come up north and compete with them economically There was some controversy over why Lincoln issued the proclamation some believed he did it for visionary and humane reasons But others say he issued the Proclamation for tactical reasons Initially Lincoln rejected emancipation as a war aim But when thousands of refugees and Radical Republicans pressured for it he moved cautiously towards that goal Though Abraham publicly linked black freedom with the preservation of the Union in August stating If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it And initially didn t believe in emancipation He also stated and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it Meaning no matter who the person is the goal for the Union is to come together as a nation The Emancipation 

Proclamation and the efforts of African American soldiers affected the course of the war it motivated them because freedom would only come to the slaves if the Union won the war Which increased the North s will to win the war and it gave the North a reason to keep fighting and to win the Civil War And when Abraham Lincoln signed the document freeing slaves across the Confederate territory widespread joy developed throughout the African American community With this document it set a foundation for the future of many colored people The remainder of the evening was spent in exhortations prayers hymns joyful exclamations and blessings on Mr Lincoln The people were so contented with the news of hearing change Many African Americans were attracted to every political speech and was noted that their disposition to linger around the hustings or courthouse square and hear what the orators say Then there was the south why were they so against it The sovereignty of slaveholders felt challenged by the Republican party 

There was an alliance composed of the small farmers of the Northwest part of the wage workers the urban middle classes and the rising industrialists The Southern planters and slave dealers tried to prevent losing possession of the power they had so long and profitably occupied Slavery came to define the southern way of life The south needed the slaves to continue creating production Even General Benjamin F Butler stated that runaway slaves were contraband of war Like they were property and he had the right to seize them With the document interfering there would be chaos for the south and a victory for the north The reaction of the people was immediate and mix whether it be the south fighting for their independence and claim over slaves or the north believing that it was a great step towards the right direction but did not go far enough The Emancipation proclamation effectively outlawed the institution and practice of slavery in the Southern Secessionist States It also changed the nature of the war the Proclamation was a key moment in the complex and prolonged historical process that led to the end of slavery in the United States with consequences to the present

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