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The first basketball game ever played was in November 1 1947 the teams that played on this day was the New York Knickerbockers and the Toronto Huskies These teams played at the Toronto's Skydome The contest drew about 7 090 people a good amount people to watch NBA com The First Game This game was from a different era than any other sport it was a low scoring game Back Then basketball had different rules like there wasn't was 24 clock shot so that means one team can hold the ball or pass the ball as long as they want and don't let the other team have a chance And each team that was created had to pay a fee of 10 000 NBA com The First Game The role of basketball is a second generation for european players and coaches to establish a team so they can make their own American identities The First Basket The Story The NBA was founded in 1967 with teams that are in Anaheim Dallas Denver Houston Indiana Kentucky Minnesota New Jersey New Orleans Oakland and Pittsburgh The first team to win the championship is the New York Knickerbockers in 1973 There are 11 original franchise teams that were in Chicago Boston Cleveland Detroit New York Philadelphia and many more 

The NBA changed some rules and started to make the game more fun to watch The rules that the NBA changed was the twenty four clock shot that means each team have twenty four seconds but the time is slow so it gives each team some time to pass the ball around and shot it before the time goes off and the other team have a chance to get the ball And zone defense was outlawed so the game can have more scoring Hickok Each year the game changed by the rules and the game got more faster by the players on how they played The first basketball player to play and score the first points is Oscar Ossie Schectman and he was in the New York Knickerbockers he was in NBA history Then the NBA expanded seven more teams in 70 71 season by themself The People History Steve Pearson The rookie contract from back then was way different than now The cost back then the rookie gets was 250 3000 dollars and now the rookies gets 1 5 1 7 million dollars The rookies didn't get much back then from now because they didn t have sponsors or ads like we do now The NBA made changes like the players have to play four years of college ball before getting drafted because the ABA was sinning rookies early The fine was 50 100 dollars back then Players had to take two step when they stop dribbling to shoot a jump shot or go in for a layup Back then the the teams have to use the same defense from all the other teams and now the teams can use whatever defense they want like press 2 3 zone or man to man the old school teams had to use a 2 3 zone and it was kind of boring because each team already know what to do and it was just the same old thing And now it's fun because each team runs different defenses and we can see best players go against each others and see if they get crossed or if the ball is stolen The game got more exciting through the years and new rules kept changing so the game can be safer and not that much injuries The game against the New York Knickerbockers and the Toronto Huskies was the loudest and the most packed game Each teams couldn t hear what their own point guards calling plays 

The fans was getting into the game that all of the fans from each teams was getting mad at each other because they wanted their team to win The NBA changed the limit of players they can have on the roster to play it was twelve players but then changed it to ten so they can have two lineups like the first strings and the second strings The game of basketball grew big in the U S and people started to love basketball and buy tickets to see their team play and see their favorite players play off against their opponent The NBA allow players to wear any gear they wanted like socks headband shooting sleeves knee pads and different logos but it started to get out of hands so the NBA changed the rule that the players could only wear the NBA logos and wear gear if it said NBA or not the players will get fined The NBA changed this because people started to wear like gangs color and have different hair cuts with a logo of a gang The NBA has a lot of people attention and I think it's fun watching teams play because you can imagine yourself playing on the courts and feel the excitement of the game and the crowd NBA will always be a franchise sport and never be forgotten

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